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Diamond Surf 2019 Custom Epoxy Surfboard Airush

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Airush - Diamond Surf 2019 Custom Epoxy Surfboard

All-round ladies specific surfboard from Airush

The Diamond Surf 2019 Custom Epoxy Surfboard is the favorite of many female riders and is specially designed for speed and agility. The nose and tail are slightly narrower, making hard and full turns in the wave easier. To surf down-the-line, the volume has been reduced and the narrower stance has been tuned, giving you more stability in high winds and powerful surf. The Reflex Bamboo construction provides a responsive feel under the foots in any conditions! The single concave in the bottom of the surfboard keeps the Diamond Surf loose and agile, providing the perfect drive when you need it.

The Airush Diamond Surf 2019 Custom Epoxy Surfboard features a Custom Epoxy construction that offers the flex and feel of a classic surfboard. In addition, the surfboard is much more durable and the surfboard has a more kite-specific construction. The custom EPS core with medium density (35 kg/per m3, for the technical heads) provides the classic surfboard feel, with durability in mind. The core is covered with laminate with the final layer of Innegra under the heels. Innegra is the lightest fiber on the market (lighter than water) and can dissipate massive amounts of power, making it perfect for high impact areas.

If you're looking for a real gem for the surf, the Diamond delivers perfection for the lighter and feminine riders!

  • Surfboard for lighter riders and ladies
  • All-round shape
  • Reducing volume
  • Narrower stance
  • Reflex bamboo construction
  • Custom Epoxy construction
  • Single concave
  • Sustainable
  • Innegra
  • Jewel for the surf
  • Including inserts
  • Includes pads and fins

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