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Diamond V5 2020 Kite Airush

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Airush Diamond V5 2020 Kite

Direct freeride kite for the light kite surfer from Airush

Just like the rest of the Diamond line from Airush, the Diamond V5 kite is specially developed for the smaller and lighter kite surfer, generally for women. The Diamond looks a bit like the Airush Union but is a bit more balanced with a softer character and greater depower range. This makes the Diamond V5 widely applicable for wave, foil, freeride and freestyle. So go high or do your first backrolls, for the Diamond it"s no problem. Airush has even managed to adjust the Diamond V5 so that the lightest kite surfers can easily push the Diamond V5 to the edge of the wind window in rough conditions.

The Airush Diamond V5 has, just like the other high end kites from Airush, a Load Frame v4 with WebTech. This is a powerful frame that runs through the canopy of the Diamond V5 to evenly distribute the forces of the kite and to use less heavy dacron. This makes the Diamond V5 lightweight but strong enough to withstand hard crashes. The canopy used in the Diamond V5 is a Teijin Technoforce D2 double ripstop: strong and light. Around the Airush Diamond V5 the kite is reinforced with kevlar and bumpers to increase the lifespan of the kite.

The Airush Diamond V5 uses a V3.2 bridle system for a super good depower. You can adjust the bar pressure by adjusting the bridle mounting on the leading edge from more to less bar pressure. In addition, you can adjust the steering line attachment to your favorite sailing style such as faster steering with big air and a more stable kite with wakestyle tricks.

  • Freeride | Freestyle | Big air
  • 4 lines
  • 3 struts
  • Good depower
  • For the light kite surfer
  • WebTech
  • LoadFrame
  • Double ripstop cloth
  • Can be adjusted personally

    Airush Diamond V5 2020 kite
    Airush Diamond V5 2020 kite

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