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Blue Chip 2018 Bar Ben Wilson


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BWS Blue Chip 2018 bar

Lightweight, ergonomic, bar with depower on the bar

The new Ben Wilson control bar has added a completely new dimension to the function of a bar. Now you can trim the kite via the steering lines! Thanks to a handy knob on the bar you can easily make the steering lines longer and shorter while sailing. We already know this new bar concept from the Click bar, but the advantage of this Blue Chip 2018 is that it is open at the back. As a result, dirt and sand easily rinses out of the bar and the system remains very durable.

Bar End Trim adjustor

The Blue Chip bar has an ergonomically placed winder that you use to power and depow the bar. The winder is turned clockwise to wind up and pushed out to switch the depower on. The advantage is that you can keep the bar in both hands during the depowering. In addition, this system is really great for kiters with shorter arms. An additional advantage of the Blue Chip bar is that you can depow the kite while steering, so it is crazy for the waveriden!

Adjustable bar stopper

The BWS Blue Chip is designed to enable easy on-the-fly adjustment of the bar. He has a handy stopper that you can adjust and place where you want. The BWS Blue Chip Bar is certainly one of the best bars of the moment!

  • On the bar depower
  • Depow with hands at the bar
  • Very durable
  • Adjustable stopper

    BWS Blue Chip 2018 bar

    BWS Blue Chip 2018 bar

    BWS Blue Chip 2018 bar

    BWS Blue Chip 2018 bar

    BWS Blue Chip 2018 bar

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