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Connect Pigtail setBen Wilson

Ben Wilson Surf Connect Pigtail set

Pigtails for BWS, Peter Lynn, Takoon and Gin

The BWS Connect Pigtail can easily be replaced at the end of the line or the beginning of the bridle. If your pigtails are almost worn out, replace them immediately, this will prevent accidents! Easy to fasten through the loop connection. You have the pigtails for the line and pigtails for the kite (bridle). The buttons and loops are exactly the opposite between these two. These pigtails are also used on the kite bars of Peter Lynn, Takoon, and Gin.

The steering lines (red and gray) have loops on the end and the powerlines (white) have buttons on the end. From the kite perspective, it's exactly the other way around, there are loops on the bridle to connect the power line and buttons on the bridle to connect the steering lines.

Slingshot and Cabrinha have a knot on the power line and loop on the steering line. Naish, North, and Ozone have a loop on the power line and knot on the steering line. F-One has a loop on both lines.

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