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DHD Ben Wilson Signature 2018 SurfboardBen Wilson

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Ben Wilson DHD Signature 2018 Surfboard

Ben Wilson's Waveboard by super shaper Darren Handley

Darren Handley (Darren Handley Designs) is one of the best surfboard shapers on the planet. Darren has shaped the boards for 3x ASP World Champion Mick Fanning and 6x ASP World Champion Stephanie Gilmore. With all his years of experience in creating the very best surfboards and Ben Wilson's years of experience in strapless kite wave surfing they have created the first DHD kite wave surfboard: the Ben Wilson DHD Signature 2018. The board is made for a large range waves. As Ben and Darren say: "We have made the board to rip into every wave, no matter how big. The board lets you enter the pocket or make big carves on the face of the wave." The DHD Ben Wilson Signature 2018 is made of the same high quality materials as the Stallion and Drifter 2.0 so the board is super durable and has enough flex to make the board feel like a real surfboard.

The construction of the DHD Ben Wilson Signature 2018 is called the Hex-Skinn Glass construction. The blank used in the board is the same waterproof XPS blank that is also used in the other boards. The U-Flex stinger ensures that the flex and shape are maintained during production.
The DHD Ben Wilson Signature is laminated with a combination of fiberglass layers with extra glass in the length to make the board extra strong for kitesurfing. A thin layer of honeycomb is applied to the deck, which runs over the entire length of the board in a sandwich of fibreglass. This layer ensures that the board can handle the pressure of your foot very well. To make the DHD Ben Wilson Signature more dent resistant on the spot of your front foot, a layer of cork has been applied underneath the honeycomb. Eventually the board is laminated at once and the blue color is added under pressure. After the last lamination the honeycomb structure can be seen, this is a bit sanded and made white.

Available in
  • 5'5 "x 17.7" x 2.0 "20.6L
  • 5'7 "x 18.0" x 2.0 "21.42L
  • 5'9 "x 18.2" x 2.1 "23.6L

  • Standard with FCS 2.0 5-fin box, but also Futures on request
  • Honeycomb
  • Hex Skin Glass construction
  • Waterproof XPS blank
  • Back channels

  • Size Chart BWS Stallion Surfboard

    Surfboard size (inch) Weight in kg
    5 5 55 - 75kg
    5 7 75 - 90kg
    5 9 90+kg
    The size chart is an indication. Depending on your riding style and kitesurfing level you can choose for a different size board.

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