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Middle & front deckpad StripedBen Wilson

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Ben Wilson Center and For Deckpad

Deckpad with new grip for the center and front of your surboard

Naturally, Ben Wilson cannot stay behind with the trend of the new deck pads. The new deck pads have a strip-shaped grip. There are a lot of raised edges along the length of the deckpad that quickly drain the water from your board. The edges are made of a soft, rubber-like material. This material feels very soft and comfortable. More comfortable than the previous diamond shaped deck pads. Because the water is drained quickly, the deckpad remains very dry so that you have an unprecedented amount of grip with your surfboard. This set is suitable for the middle and front of your surfboard regardless of whether you have a classic surfboard shape or a stubby shape. Surprise yourself with the amount of grip and choose the new Striped deckpad from Ben Wilson!

  • Center and for deckpad
  • New 'striped' grip
  • Consisting of four pieces
  • Strong 3M tape attachment
  • Gray

    Ben Wilson Striped middle front deckpad

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