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Stallion V3 KiteboardBen Wilson

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BWS Stallion V3 Kiteboard

The ultimate high performance surfboard

The expectations of the new stallion V3 are high, and not without reason. The Stallion V2 already blew us away! Nevertheless, BWS has succeeded in improving the 'old' Stallion on all fronts. The Stallion was designed by Dano See from DSDmfg, head kite designer at BWSurf. The board focuses entirely on the kite surfer and is designed to withstand the strong forces from kite surfing. The V3 is stronger than ever before and will dent or break even less quickly than the V2. A pure strapless kiteboard with a bulletproof construction that offers the best performance in 90% of the circumstances. You will be really surprised at how much fun this board offers. With the BWS Stallion, performance, speed and control are combined in a very accessible feel.

3-stage rocker

The BWS Stallion V3 has a 3-stage rocker with a deep concave in the bottom. Together with its precisely placed channels, this ensures that the board receives a great water flow and plans very quickly. The board has a wonderful drive and control in all conditions. It is specially designed for kite surfing, which means that riding upwind is no problem with the Stallion V3. The Stallion V3 is very thin, has a sharp rails and feels super light. Everything you need for a great session in the waves!

XPS Foam

The last 18 months BWS and Appletree have been busy developing a new type of foam for the inside of the board. The V3 is built with the new XPS foam, which is 60% stronger than its predecessor but offers the same flex characteristics. This foam crowns the Stallion V3 to the strongest surfboard on the market! The foam can even handle up to 50,000 kg pressure per m2, awesome!

The Stallion V3 also owes its bomb proof construction to a triple sandwich construction with 2 mm hex skin glass tech throughout the deck and 3 mm honeycomb foam inserts for extra reinforcement under your feet. Nevertheless, the brand strives to make the boards as eco-friendly as possible and the V3 also bears the 'Ecoboard' logo again.

Compact Shape

The Shape of the BWS Stallion V3 cannot be compared to a traditional surfboard. The nose is in fact shortened, making the board lighter and more compact. We recommend that you ride this surfboard between 6 "and 8" shorter than a standard directional. If in doubt between 2 sizes, take the shorter one for strapless freestyle airs and tricks. If you want to surf more in the waves and need more low end drive, choose the larger size.

The Stallion is the ultimate surfboard for 90% of riders and circumstances. If you want a board that is more suitable for really high waves, choose the Stallion Overhead.

BWS Stallion V3 Sizes
  • 4’10 x 17’25 x 1’8. 18,5L. 2,8kg
  • 5'0 x 17'4 x 2’. 20L 2,9kg
  • 5'2 x 17'88 x 2'. 22L 3,0kg
  • 5'4 x 18'33 x 2'12. 24L 3,1kg

  • Best board for surf and strapless freestyle
  • New bomb proof construction
  • New Closed Cell foam that kan bear 50,000kg per m2
  • Hex Skinn Glass
  • U-Flex stringer made of Carbon
  • A very simple, super fast and controlled character
  • Available in three colors
  • Ecofriendly label

    BWS Stallion V3

  • Tom Visser (Kitemana)
    Tom Visser (Kitemana)
    9 May 2019 on 11:27

    De nieuwe Stallion is een winnaar, door zijn nieuwe constructie vaart hij nog comfortabeler en is door zijn rondere channels wat speelser.

    Ik ben zelf groot fan van de Stallion en vaar met mijn 70kg de 5'0" met 4 Large vinnen. Het is board is naar mijn mening een van de beste boards voor Europese omstandigheden, hij zorgt ervoor dat je makkelijk kan varen maar als je hem op de tail trapt gaat hij volgas door de bocht.

    Mocht je vragen hebben over de nieuwe Stallion laat het me weten ik heb meer dan 100+ sessies op dit board en weet er meer dan genoeg van!

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