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HMI Hybride HarnessBlankforce

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Blankforce HMI Hybrid Harness

Waist and seat harness in one

Your harness is the connection between you and your kite, and therefore perhaps the most important part of your equipment. Blankforce understood that. The HMI is designed on the body for maximum comfort and can be used as a seat and hip trapeze. A harness with which you can start and can ride for a long time as a hip harness.

In the development of the HMI, Blankforce has emphasized four main points. First the distribution of the force. The power is distributed from the hook to four strong straps that hold the hook in position. From the straps the power is led to a web structure in the back part of the HMI trapeze. This division of the force in the web structure ensures that the power is gradually divided.

The second main point is maximum wearing comfort. The large neoprene outline of the HMI ensures a lot of comfort, even without a wetsuit. The different materials used give the trapeze a mix of durability, flexibility and an ergonomic fit for the best fit and maximum freedom of movement.

The third point was sustainability. Blankforce has consciously chosen not to use thermoformed materials. The avoidance of thermoformed products benefits the lifespan of the HMI trapeze The final point is the all-in-one concept. With this concept everyone has the perfect trapeze for every style. The HMI is very easy to change from a trapeze to a hip trapeze. You simply remove the sitting area by means of a strong velcro fastening in the back of the trapeze, and you have a hip trapeze!

The Blankforce HMI is for everyone, for every riding style!

  • Hybrid concept
  • Sit and hip
  • Handle pass leash confirmation
  • Strong straps
  • Safety Knife

  • Professional advice

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