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Imperator 6 Kiteboard Carved Kiteboards


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Carved Imperator 6 Kiteboard

High-tech handmade freeride freestyle carbon kiteboard from Carved

The Imperator 6 from Carved is the Ferrari among the kiteboards but ,made in Germany. A handmade technical state of the art kiteboard for the passionate freeride and freestyle kite surfer. Incredibly light weight, stable at high speed and the Imperator 6 goes buttery smooth through the turns. Carving has never felt better with the Carved Imperator 6.

Carved only goes for the very best in their kiteboards! No compromises are made regarding the construction and performance of the Imperator 6, 100% quality and only the best materials. The Imperator 6 is made from exclusive Cartan® Carbon with a core of CNC-cut Paulownia wood. In the bottom of the Carved Imperator is a clear keel with a double concave. This allows you to ride through choppy water super comfortably with high speed. The speed allows you to load hard for high jumps with the Imperator 6.

In addition, the Imperator 6 has an average rocker with a versatile flex pattern for a playful character. The fins have become slightly longer, giving you more grip on the water. The flex tips ensure more pop and comfort while riding. Spray in your face is always irritating so Carved has made the tips on the Imperator 6 in a way that you will get as little spray as possible in your face. Special round rails have been added to the Imperator 6 for "butter smooth" turns.

With the Carved Imperator 6 you assure yourself of the best of the best. Lightweight, incredibly comfortable through chop and stable at high speed. With an elliptical rail for unmatched cornering performance.

Make sure you get the very best Carved setup with the Imperator 6 in combination with the Carved Ultra bindings.

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Cartan® Carbon
  • Middle keel
  • Double concave
  • 3D round rail
  • UV protection
  • Wooden core
  • Elliptical flex tips
  • Including Custom Razor G10 fins for each size board
  • Including grab handle

    Carved Imperator 6 Kiteboard

    Carved Imperator 6 Kiteboard

  • Andreas Mannott
    Andreas Mannott
    2 April 2021

    Der Lamborghini unter den Kiteboards... auch vom Preis aber definitiv auch von der Performance her. Fakt ist: Es gibt kein Board mit dem man schneller Kiten, besser die Kante reinknallen und den Absprung genauer treffen kann... die Big Air Maschine schlecht hin! Wenn man jemandem hinterher fährt, der sich gerade abmüht und Höhe zieht kann man die Kante reindrücken und biegt gefühlt ab. Das Board läuft so mühelos Höhe wie kein anderes.

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