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Trust bar 2020 Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Trust Bar 2020

Clean bar from Duotone

The Duotone Trust Bar is one of the simplest bars, but is therefore extremely easy to use and safe. The 2020 Duotone trust bar is adjustable in width and equipped with 4 strong Duotone lines. The Trust bar has a single line flag-out system so that the kite completely depowers when the safety is switched on. This year he has a new suicide ring III for an improved fixed suicide.

The Duotone Trust bar will come with a red push away safety system in 2020. This year they made the plastic red so that it meets all safety requirements. The Duotone trust bar 2020 is available in two different sizes. The small is suitable for 9m and smaller or for wakestyle riders who like to keep the kite a bit more in place. If you have a 9m or larger, you can pick the larger version. Also this year you can choose whether you want the Wakestyle (XL), freeride (small) freestyle (medium) or wave (rope) chickenloop. So you can put together your bar yourself.

  • All-round freestyle bar
  • Above the bar depower
  • Single line safety
  • Can be adjusted to 5 lines
  • Suicide III for unhooked riding
  • Iron Heart IV
  • Suitable for every four-line kite from 2020 and older

    Duotone Trust Bar 2020

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