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Trax HRD Lite Tech 2021 Kiteboard F-One

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F-one Trax HRD Lite Tech 2021 Kiteboard

Comfortable freeride twintip kiteboard from F-one

The F-one Trax is one of the most famous twin-tip kiteboards ever made. For years, the F-one Trax has been an easy choice for a very large group of freeride kite surfers. That"s because the F-one Trax gains speed easily, rides very comfortably and has sufficient grip. The F-one Trax 2021 is not a kiteboard for extreme wakestyle tricks, but therefore a very good choice for almost every kite surfer.

The F-one Trax HRD Lite Tech 2021 has a very cool "wood look" this year. Furthermore, little has actually changed because: "Why change a winning team?" The F-one Trax 2021 HRD Lite Tech has a wooden core with a glass fiber laminate. This gives the Trax 2021 HRD a nice flex, which ensures that you can ride comfortably through choppy water. The reasonably flat rocker outline makes it possible to ride upwind with ease. In addition, the rail-channel gives you a good grip when you are kitesurfing at high speed. The single concave in the bottom of the F-one Trax 2021 HRD Lite Tech adds some extra grip to your kiteboard. If you hold the F-one Trax HRD Lite Tech 2021 up to the light, the Lite Tech immediately stands out. This super cool TPU rail lights up and ensures that you stand out in every photo. In tip, the Trax HRD 2021 has been made slightly thinner to save some weight and provide extra flex in the tips.

What distinguishes the Trax HRD (Hellical Rail Design) from the normal Trax, is the HRD rail construction. This rail is, as it were, divided into three parts. A thin rail in the tips for the most grip during your edge and pop. An inverted rail at the height of your foot straps. This rail provides less spray and direct grip when landing after a jump. Between your legs is a thin and sharp rail that gives you a lot of grip to ride fast.

  • Freeride kiteboard
  • Wooden core
  • Easy height walk
  • Fairly flat rocker
  • Soft to medium flex
  • Helical Rail Design
  • Lite Tech
  • Rail channel
  • Some concave
  • Unibox fins

    F-one Trax HRD Lite Tech 2021 Kiteboard
    F-one Trax HRD Lite Tech 2021 Kiteboard

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