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Fashion - Men - Boardshorts

At Kitemana you can get different boardshorts. We sell boardshorts of the Mystic brand. The boardshorts are perfect for kiting, but you can also wear them when you are chilling on the beach. Mystic uses a 3D motion waistband that ensures that the boardshorts stay in place while kiting. The boardshorts come in different colors and styles. Are you going for a great print or for a striking solid color?



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Brand Stretch Boardshort
Brand Stretch BoardshortMystic
$ 61.27
Marshall Boardshort
Marshall BoardshortMystic
$ 71.47
The Pope Boardshort
The Pope BoardshortMystic
$ 71.47
Voltt Boardshort
Voltt BoardshortMystic
$ 91.90
Brand Swim Boardshort
Brand Swim BoardshortMystic
$ 40.84
Fluid 15.5 Boardshorts
Fluid 15.5 BoardshortsMystic
66.37 $ 50.96
Coast Boardshort
Coast BoardshortMystic
$ 51.05
Majestic Boardshort
Majestic BoardshortMystic
$ 91.90
Tide 20 Boardshorts
Tide 20 BoardshortsMystic
102.11 $ 71.48
Rarebird Boardshort
Rarebird BoardshortMystic
$ 71.47
The Baron Boardshort
The Baron BoardshortMystic
$ 71.47
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