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Onda Alu Kite Foil Moses Hydrofoil

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Moses Onda Aluminum Kite hydrofoil

The Moses Onda hydrofoil setup with aluminum mast

Moses" Onda hydrofoil setup is one of the best freeride hydrofoil setups available. The normal Moses Onda has a 91 cm carbon mast. This Onda Aluminum has a 75 cm aluminum mast and mounting system which makes the price very attractive. Furthermore, this Onda Aluminum is identical to the original Onda. So a high-quality super light W633 carbon front wing, an S483 carbon stabilizer and a 710 aluminum fuselage.

The carbon front wing of the Onda Alu has a width of 633cm and a surface of 1239 cm². The stabilizer is 483mm wide with a surface of 316cm². This combination ensures that you quickly get a lift at low speed, perfect for the kite surfer who does not want to miss a day on the water. You can even surf a small wave with this Onda through the large surface of the wing. The shape of the carbon front wing gives the Onda Aluminum a freeride character that is agile yet stable enough to maintain speed control. This Onda Aluminum comes standard with a 75cm mast. This is not the largest mast, but it is therefore extra nice to learn hydrofoil kite surfing. A 95cm aluminum mast can be ordered separately, ask us for availability.

  • Freeride | Low-wind
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Carbon wings
  • 75cm aluminum mast
  • Aluminum 710 fuselage
  • Aluminum mounting system
  • 1239cm² W633 front wing
  • 316cm² S483 stabilizer

  • Ilyas Knauf
    Ilyas Knauf
    9 October 2020

    De foil die elke dag een kite dag maakt, omdat het niet altijd hard waait is het ideaal om deze foil erbij te hebben. Door zijn heerlijke cruise speed is het echt een plezier om er mee te varen, makkelijk te leren maar toch speels genoeg voor de ervaren foilers. De foil die met elke golf heerlijk aan het mee gliden is. Sinds ik deze foil heb aangeschaft sta ik 60% meer op het water, dat is toch wat je wilt ;)

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