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Onda Kite 91 Foil Moses Hydrofoil

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Moses Onda 633 Kite 91 Foil

Playful High-End Wave / Freeride Hydrofoil

If you thought you knew how a smooth and playful foil ride feels like, forget about that feeling and go for a completely new foil experience with the new Moses Onda Kite 91 Hydrofoil. Like all Moses hydrofoils, the Onda Kite 91 has a unmatched finish and is super lightweight. Surprise yourself session after session about the playful character and sublime speed of the Moses Onda Kite 91 hydrofoil!

Moses has been designing and manufacturing high end hydrofoils in Italy since 2008. In addition, they have more than 25 years of experience in working with high-quality materials such as carbon and other types of composite. It is therefore not surprising that the hydofoils of Moses are seen as one of the best foils on the market.

For the kitesurf hydrofoiling Moses has developed a special kitesurf foil range where the Onda Kite 91 is the foil with the lowest aspect ratio and most playful character in the range. Because of the thick wing and the low AR you can already enjoy the Onda Kite 91 from 5 knots. For a foil with a low AR, Moses Onda feels super stable, like you"re on rails, but is agile when you want it. The speed is also slightly higher than foils from other brands with the same aspect ratio due to the super sweet finished design and years of experience with lightweight materials from Moses Hydrofoiling.

The Moses Onda Kite 91 gives you great control at high speed and lets you carve and spin incredibly fast whenever you want. Stable, playful and fast creation of lift, that is the Moses Onda Kite 91.

The well-known Moses hydrofoilboards and hydrofoils are now branded with a SabHydrofoil logo. This is the manufacturer of the Moses foils. Everything remains the same, only the logo has changed.

  • 91 cm mast
  • Carbon mast, front wing and rear wing
  • Aluminum fuselage
  • Front wing AR: 3.3
  • Surface front wing 1239cm2
  • Rear wing AR: 7.6
  • Surface rear wing 316cm2
  • Four point mounting system for rails and point attachment
  • Includes mounting parts

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