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T60 Carbon Foilboard Moses Hydrofoil

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Moses T60 Carbon Foilboard

Lightweight Freeride Race hydrofoil board

If you want to foil with as little wind as possible, it is important that your material is as light as possible. Moses is knows that and therefore the T60 is also made in an extra light carbon version. The Moses T60 Carbon weighs only 3.3kg!

The Moses T60 Carbon has a fairly narrow design, which makes the board more forgiving and allows you to easily lift your hydrofoil. The scoop in the board ensures that you do not get a quick nosedive when you bounce back on the water from the lift of your foil. The straight tail and rocker make it possible for the Moses T60 Carbon to ride away easily and quickly. The bevelled edges ensure that your speed is maintained when you are edging. In the deck of the Moses T60 Carbon, five inserts are inserted for each footband stand so that everyone can find their ideal stance. If you want to get the most out of your foil, the Moses T60 Carbon is a must have!

  • Dimensions: 1440 X 470 X 60mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Carbon construction
  • Footband inserts
  • Large deckpad
  • Four point mounting
  • Moses quality finish

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