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Dash 2020 KiteNaish

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Naish Dash 2019/2020 kite

Freestyle / Freeride kitesurf kite from Naish

The Naish Dash has been a fixed value of Naish the Naish kitesurfing kiterange for a number of years now. And that makes sense, the Naish Dash has the features that many kite surfers look for in a kite. A more aggressive and faster kite suitable for freestyle and freeride. The Naish Dash will challenge you to do new tricks and jumps. The Naish Dash is not afraid of a kiteloop and handlepass!

Naish has added a number of minor updates to the 2019/2020 version of the Naish Dash to make the Dash slightly more versatile than its predecessor. The most important update is the improved low-end of the Naish Dash. Naish managed to achieve this by adjusting the geometry of the bridles to create more power in the low-end. Thanks to this bridle adjustment, the Dash now also gives a more constant pull in high winds. In addition, the Dash has extra strong "High-Tensile" yarn on the Leading Egde, so you can pump your Naish Dash super hard and we all know that a hard kite flies better.

In comparison with the Naish Pivot, the Naish Dash is a more aggressive kite. The Dash steers faster and performs much better with unhooked tricks. The Dash clearly creates more slack and pop which makes it easier to do handlepasses. The fast steering behavior of the Naish Dash ensures that the Dash is ready for learning your first kiteloops. The Dash quickly steers through the kiteloop and easily climbs up again to catch you. If you compare the Dash with the Naish Torch, the Dash is a lot friendlier and less aggressive. The Naish Dash is clearly a more all-round freestyle kite than the Naish Torch.

If you are looking for a kite that helps you take the next step in freestyle and freeride kitesurfing, the Naish Dash is the perfect kite for you. Enough pop and slack for handle passes and height in combination with steering speed for your first kiteloops!

  • Freestyle | All round
  • Compact C design
  • Three struts
  • Super strong QuadTex cloth
  • Shark Teeth Trailing Edge
  • Fast steering behavior
  • Four lines
  • One-pump system

    Naish Dash 2020 2019 kite

    Naish Dash 2020 2019 kite

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