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WMFG is the abbreviation of Waterman Manufacturing Company. WMFG is the first brand to make traction pads especially for kitesurfing. WFMG is also known for the extremely good kit pumps they make for kitesurfing purposes.




Classic Back Foot Traction
Classic Back Foot TractionWMFG
$ 38.99
Stubby Back Foot Traction surfpad
Stubby Back Foot Traction surfpadWMFG
$ 41.94
Kitepomp 3.0 XL
Kitepomp 3.0 XLWMFG
$ 58.99
Stubby Six Pack Traction
Stubby Six Pack TractionWMFG
$ 83.93
Front Foot Traction surfpad
Front Foot Traction surfpadWMFG
$ 53.94
Kitepomp Slang
Kitepomp SlangWMFG
$ 19.95
Classic Six Pack Traction surfpad set
Classic Six Pack Traction surfpad setWMFG
$ 83.93
Standard Height Kiteboard Pump
Standard Height Kiteboard PumpWMFG
$ 44.89
Suppomp 1.0
Suppomp 1.0WMFG
$ 58.99
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