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Kitepomp 3.0 XLWMFG

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WMFG kitepomp 3.0 Extra Groot

Inflating your kite has never been this easy!

Inflating your kite is actually the least challenging part of your kite session. Some kiters are spoiled by having the luxury of a compressor, while others have to do it manually. Of course, a good pump is important to get the job done as quickly as possible so you can start your kite session. WMFG is an established surf and accessories brand and knows what you need to get your session going. This WMFG Kitepomp is large, pumps twice as fast and is almost indestructible. The best of its kind.

This oversized kite pump from WMFG can pump more air per stroke into your kite compared to a standard kite pump. Fast and easy! The WMFG extra large kite pump is better sealed so no air goes to waste, has a firmer handle and feels super solid. His single to double stroke inflation allows you to easily switch between high-volume / low-pressure inflation and low-volume / high-pressure pumps.

The WMFG kite pump has a custom kite leash, so you can attach your kite to your pump to prevent it from flying away while you're busy with the pump. The pump also has a handy pressure gauge and the WMFG kite pump has a sand filter and high flow hose. This hose is also twice as durable as a normal kite hose. Are you looking for a pump that will help you get on the water as soon as possible? Then the WMFG Kitepump 3.0 XL is certainly a suitable candidate!

  • New Mega Flex hose
  • New One-Way/Two-Way Switch
  • Most powerful pump on the market
  • Including pressure meter
  • Dimensions: 61cm x 25.4cm

    WMFG extra grote kitepomp 3.0

  • Joey
    22 November 2016 on 20:54

    Best kitepump ever made!

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