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With the Xensr you can measure how high you go during your jumps with kite surfing. This way you can see which of your friends goes the highest!


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Xenser altitude meter

Xensr is a brand from America. The Xensr developers are kiters themselves and wanted to develop a device that could do more than just map GPS data. They wanted to know how high do you really jump while kitesurfing? How long is your air time and with which speed do I land my jumps. Through four years of hard work and development, the Xensr Air has been created which can measure and map all these data on your smartphone or computer.

Besides kitesurfing, the Xensr can also be used for other sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, mountain biking and windsurfing. Order the Xensr from stock online or have a look in our shop. We also have one that you can test before you buy the Xensr!