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Airush is a kitesurfing brand that has been around since the beginning of the kitesurfing sport but has a long history. Meanwhile Airush is located in the kitesurfing Mecca: Cape Town, South Africa. Airush is a kitesurfing brand that is driven by innovation. Airush's kites such as Lithium, Union, Wave and Razor are among the best kites on the market. The last kite from Airush, the Airush Ultra is a true market leader in the field of one strut kitesurf kites the lightest kite there is. The kiteboards and surfboards from Airush are suitable for everyone for the pro there is an Airush Apex and as a beginner you can make wonderful meters with the Airush Switch. In addition to kites and kiteboards, Airush makes various cool kitesurfing accessories such as kitesurf bars, bindings and hydrofoils. Check our entire range of Airush kiteboarding products. Do you have a question about one of the Airush products or is your Airush product that you are looking for not on our website? Please contact us via email, WhatsApp or telephone. Read more about Airush kiteboarding. »



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Kite Pump (cheapest)
Kite Pump (cheapest)Airush
Ride 2022 Bar
Ride 2022 BarAirush
AK Boost 2022 Binding
AK Boost 2022 BindingAirush
Lithium V13 + Switch 2022 Kitesurf Set
Lithium V13 + Switch 2022 Kitesurf SetAirush
2116.00 €1759.00
Directional straps
Directional strapsAirush
High Velocity Kite Pomp
High Velocity Kite PompAirush
One Progression 2021 Kite
One Progression 2021 KiteAirush
649.00 €389.00
Switch Progression 2021 Kiteboard
Switch Progression 2021 KiteboardAirush
399.00 €279.00
Lift 2021 Kite
Lift 2021 KiteAirush
1349.00 €939.00
Livewire V7 2021 Kiteboard
Livewire V7 2021 KiteboardAirush
649.00 €449.00
Progression V3 2021 Bar
Progression V3 2021 BarAirush
Ultra V3 2020 Kite
Ultra V3 2020 KiteAirush
1129.00 €679.00
Ultra V4 2022 Kite
Ultra V4 2022 KiteAirush
Access V2 2021 Bar
Access V2 2021 BarAirush
Amp V4 Carbon Innegra 2021 Directional
Amp V4 Carbon Innegra 2021 DirectionalAirush
Cleat Depower Fitting 2020
Cleat Depower Fitting 2020Airush
Core Cleat V4 2022 Bar
Core Cleat V4 2022 BarAirush
Foil Skate 2020 Foilboard
Foil Skate 2020 FoilboardAirush
Harness Loop (with locking tube)
Harness Loop (with locking tube)Airush
Switch Sonic 2018 Kiteboard
Switch Sonic 2018 KiteboardAirush
549.00 €349.00
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The Airush kitesurf kites, kiteboards, surfboards and accessories are among the best on the kitesurf market. You can order your Airush kitesurfing materials easily and quickly online with us, Kitemana. Of course you want to be well informed about your Airush stuff. That is why you can read more about the Airush brand on this page. And on the Airush kite and kiteboard pages specific information about the kites or kiteboards. Of course, you can always contact us via e-mail, telephone and WhatsApp or come over to our kiteshop in Katwijk for more information. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Airush kitesurfing brand

    It was in 1997 when the founders of Airush, Keith and Karen Baxter first came into contact with kite surfing in Hawaii, their hometown at that moment. Keith and Karen were both professional windsurfers. A friended windsurfer, Manu Bertin, showed them one of the first Wipika kites, and told them about the potential of kitesurfing. But there was a small problem with kitesurfing at that moment in the eyes of the windsurfer, there was a lack of 'basic' kitesurfing accessories. Keith and Karen were fascinated by the new kitesurfing sport and also came to the conclusion that there was a huge potential in this sport. Keith and Karen became a distributor of Wipika in Hawaii but the kites almost didn’t sell at all. In the end they gave away the kites to a number of influencer windsurfers such as Robby Naish and Pete Cabrinha! One problem that Keith encountered with the Wipikas was that they were only flown with handles so you could only fly the kites without a harness. Karen and Keith had a workshop for 15 years where they made windsurfing accessories and were therefore very handy. Keith first came up with the idea of a bar for your kitesurf kite, a true revolution. The bar was crucial for the development of kitesurfing as it meant that you needed more control and less power to kitesurf. So the first Airush kitesurf product was a kitesurf bar. Eventually Karen and Keith sold their windsurf accessory brand, Hawaiian Pro Line, and started a new brand with the focus 100% on kite surfing, Airush Kiteboarding. Under the name Airush Keith and Karen imported a second and third supply of Wipika kites that were gradually easier to sell. To stimulate the kite sales, Airush began his own kitesurf team with Lou Wainman as the first team member. The focus at that time was, for Airush, on the development of the best kitesurfing accessories and not on the development of kites, that was what the majority of the kitesurf brands did at that time. As a result, Airush had a very important role in the development of kitesurfing in those days as one of the few kitesurfing brands. Airush developed the first kitesurf bars, footstraps, kiteboards and fins. In this way Airush kept kitesurfing sport evolving. After several years, Keith van Airush came up with the first super simple safety system on the two-line kitesurf kites. It was also Airush who came with the first chickenloop. But why is the chickenloop called the chickenloop? With the arrival of the four-line kites, the idea came to make the depower on the bar. One of Airush's designers made a hole in the bar, put the power lines through it and made a loop at the end. He was enthusiastic and said: "Look like you can ride with less power!". The designers said: "We do not need a depower, we kite full power, the depower is for 'Chickens'." That's why the chickenloop. Is called the chickenloop.

    In 1999, Keith and Karen sold 2,000 Wipika kites in North America. This they probably too good because their sales license was withdrawn by Wipika what Wipika wanted to do it themselves. This was a slap in the face of Keith and Karen. They decided to develop their own kites under the name Airush. Nowadays, the head office of Airush is where all innovation, development and research is done in the kitesurfing Mecca, Cape Town. The Airush kiteboard team consists of kitesurfers of world level. Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajia won the freestyle world championships in the men and women with the help of the kitesurf kites and kiteboards from Airush.

    Airush kitesurfing development

    At Airush, development comes first. Development of everything that has to do with kitesurfing, has made Airush big and Airush stays true to that. In the garage of Airush, the designers experimented with countless innovative ideas for kitesurfing.

    The first kitesurf chickenloop and bar

    It was Airush who first came with a chicken loop for kitesurfing. In 1996 Mauricio Abreu started designing the first chickenloops and kitesurf bars. The bars were made of pieces of windsurfing boom. And adapted to attach the lines of your kite. It was a rather thick bar with holes on the left and right where the lines of your kite could connect. The holes were the basis for the four-line depower kite. The designers thought that you could drill a hole in the middle and pull the power lines through it to depower in that way with a loop. Depower is for losers (chicken) so the loop was called a chickenloop. We still use the chickenloop and we can still be grateful to Airush.

    Airush kitesurf kiteboards

    Airush is the kitesurfing brand that can carry the title of the brand that has the longest running kiteboard type in the boardrange. The Airush Switch was introduced in 2001 and can still be found in the kiteboard range of Airush. Over the years, the Switch has been modified and various versions have been made. But the DNA of the original Airush Switch has been retained. And to this day you can find the Airush Switch on the water. Another legendary kiteboard from Airush was the Protoy. In 2005 Airush introduced this board and it was a real toy for the real pro kite surfers. Airush's kiteboards are always of the highest quality. Airush has the perfect board for every kite surfer of every level. Airush also has an extensive kite surfing directional surfboard line for the wave surfer. And Airush has also responded to the current hydrofoil trend with a number of hydrofoils for kitesurfing of super high quality.

    Check out our Airush kiteboards here

    Airush kitesurf kites

    The first kitesurf kite designer from Airush was Ben Severne. Ben had a lot of experience with the design of windsurfing sails and the design of kitesurf kites was a beautiful new challenge. From the hand of Ben Severne came the Airush 'Get Lifted' (2002), the Airush Flow (2003) and Airush Reactor (2005), among others. In 2008 Ben Severne decided to pursue his windsurf passion again and to return to the roots with his own windsurfing brand. This did not stop Airush of the development of A quality kitesurf kites. Many kites followed like the Airush Lithium in 2010. The Lithium is a super reliable and nice kite for the beginner and more experienced kite surfer. One of the longest running kites in the Airush kite range. Airush introduced the 'Varial' in 2010, but this kite turned out not to be a great success and went out of the range after a year. The Airush Reactor was renamed the Airush Razor and is still the most radical kite for freestyle kitesurfers in the kitesurf range of Airush. The Union came as an open C-kite more friendly kite compared to the hardcore Razor. The last addition to the Airush kite range is the Airush Ultra. A true game changers in the single strut kite segment. The Ultra is the best kite with a single strut. Super light and incredibly good in light weather. The perfect kite if you want to ride on your hydrofoil with a tubekite.

    Click here for an overview of our Airus kitesurfing kites

    Airush Kiteboarding kitesurfing shop

    The Airush kitesurfing materials are of a quality that you can expect from a brand that has been present in kitesurfing for so long. Whether you have an Airush kite, bar, kiteboard, surfboard or hydrofoil in your hands you can immediately see that it is quality. We have tested the kites and boards ourselves and can therefore give you the best advice. For every level kite surfer there is the perfect Airush kitesurf gear. Do you have questions about Airush's kitesurfing materials or is your Airush product not among our range? Please contact us via email, telephone or Whatsapp.