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Carving Foil V2 2020 Hydrofoil Airush

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Airush Carving V2 2020 Hydrofoil

Airush hydrofoil for low speed, carving and learning.

The Airush Carving V2 hydrofoil is designed for your first steps to advanced carving. You will never be fed up with the Airush Carving hydrofoil V2. This is due to the large front wing. The large front wing (1000 cm²) of the Airush carving hydrofoil makes the start just that little bit easier. With a large front wing you can easily get out of the water at a low speed and have a somewhat less high top speed compared to the Freeride V2 hydrofoil, which is very nice if you are just starting with hydrofoil kite surfing. And for the advanced hydrofoil kite surfer who wants to hydrofoil with as little wind as possible, the large front wing is the best choice. If you want to carve, go for it! The wing gives you great manoeuvrability and enough stability.

The 80 cm aluminum mast supplied as standard provides some extra stability compared to a long mast. If you are just starting out, you can also opt for a 50, 60 or 70 cm mast extra. A 95 cm mast is also available for the more advanced hydrofoil kite surfers. In contrast to the Airush Freeride hydorfoil, the Carving consists of one piece. This has the added advantage that you can trim the rear wing angle to more or less lift. The mounting plate is super streamlined and uses four screws with which you can attach the mast to the hydrofoil kiteboard. In summary, you can say that the Airush Carving V2 2020 hydrofoil is the best choice for the novice hydrofoil kite surfer and advanced hydrofoil kite surfer who wants to get on the water with as little wind as possible.

  • All-round | Carving | Beginner
  • 1000 cm² front wing
  • 260 cm² rear wing
  • 80cm aluminimum mast
  • Elevator at low speed
  • Agile
  • Micro trim rear wing

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