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Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson Surf (BWS) is a kite brand from Australia which is the only brand in the world who purely focuses on wave riding. Ben Wilson Surf makes kites and surfboards for all different types of conditions in the waves. Ben Wilson himself is one of the best waveride kiters in the world and knows like no other what you need to be able to rip any wave! The brand is 100% committed to creating the highest quality products on the market and always strive to help you develop your skills. Years of experience in riding the worst and best surf spots around the world gave BWS the knowledge to understand what it takes to get on the water and what you need to get the most out of each session. Wherever you travel, BWS ensures that you have the best surf gear. Would you like more information about any of the BWS kites, kiteboards or one of the accessories please contact us by phone or email and we will gladly answer all of your questions. Read more... .





Skinny tailpad
Skinny tailpadBen Wilson
Chubby tailpad
Chubby tailpadBen Wilson
Float Leader Lines
Float Leader LinesBen Wilson
Leader Lines
Leader LinesBen Wilson
Off Switch Safety Ring
Off Switch Safety RingBen Wilson
Depower Restrict Ball
Depower Restrict BallBen Wilson
Honeycomb Carbon Futures Vinnen
Honeycomb Carbon Futures VinnenBen Wilson
Honeycomb Futures Thruster vinnen
Honeycomb Futures Thruster vinnenBen Wilson
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Ben Wilson Kites

BWS kites are specially developed to push the boundaries of wave riding. The construction is super strong, they are very responsive and have a crazy drift. The BWS Aeneema is one of the most sold surf kites on the market. BWS has put more than 15 years of experience into the design of this surf kite and you can see and feel it in their kites. Aeneema combines many features of the original Noise kite and the Noise Pro, together with a thinner profile and wing tips to reduce the pull. That's why the kite flies through the air much faster, with less effort and less pulling power. The power goes directly to your harness which gives a better feeling and the kite flies further forward, which means that the wind is stronger towards the top. All in all a wonderful surf kite who gives you a great session in any circumstances.

The best people in the industry are involved in the development of the BWS kites and surfboards and have created an insane range. The brand has even launched a second generation Aeneema kites, the AE2. After the success of the first BWS Aeneema, the brand wanted to apply a number of improvements to the current design. The kite has got a smoother design and runs slightly faster than its predecessor. Each size has been designed to meet exactly the conditions of the wind. A complete surf kite for a wide group of kiters.

Ben Wilson Blue Chip Bar

Ben Wilson is a brand that keeps taps on all the latest innovations in the kite branch. This is clear when you take a look at the new design of the Blue Chip Bar. This bar is very progressive due to the depower design. It doesn't have a depower strap at the top, but a depower on the bar! You can depower the kite by turning a button on the right side of the bar. Super fast and easy! The system reminds us a bit of the North click bar, but this system is open at the back so the water can easily go out of the bar. As far as we are concerned, BWS has really put their self on the map.

Ben Wilson Surfboard

BWS surfboards are boards of the highest quality. The boards are made by Appletree in The Netherlands and they are really strong. They have a lightweight construction with a honeycomb reinforcement in the top layer. This makes the surfboards twice as durable and ideal for kitesurfing. While kitesurfing there will be a lot more power on the board compared to wave surfing. The best selling kitesurfboard from BWS is the Stallion. The BWS Stallion is a surfboard without a nose. These so-called noseless surfboards are lighter than a standard surfboard. This is perfectly kitesurfing. The Stallion is one of the best waveride kitesurfboards ever made. It has channels at the bottom for a nice grip and a stable ride. In addition, this BWS Stallion has a 4 or 5 fins setup. This makes him very versatile and suitable for a wide group of wave riders. A new surfboard in the Ben Wilson Surf range is the BWS Stallion Overhead. This surfboard is the brother of the Stallion and suitable for large, steep waves. The perfect surf kiteboard for those days when the waves are really high!

Surfboards are also made in all shapes and sizes. There is an ideal surfboard for every type of wave and rider. Are you interested in the Ben Wilson Surf kites and surfboards? Come to one of our test days or contact us so we can plan a date to test one!