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FX 2021 Kite Cabrinha

Cabrinha FX 2021 Kite

Crossover freestyle kite

The Cabrinha FX is a high performance freestyle kite for the advanced kiter for whom the sky is the limit! The FX has a hybrid shape that combines the advantages of a C-kite with the versatility of bridles. The kite feels mega direct and steers nice and fast in the turns. As a result, he challenges you to kite very powered and you immediately want to perform your next jump or trick. The Cabrinha FX 2021 has three struts and wide tips. Thanks to the wide tips you get a very good pop at take-off and enough time in the air for powered tricks. Whether you like the most technical unhooked tricks or want to make kiteloops at an enormous height, the Cabrinha FX 2021 can do it all!

The Cabrinha FX 2021 produces a lot of slack after you pop. This "dead center" after take-off gives you more time for handle passes and makes them easier. The FX 2021 is specialized in unhooked riding. Once unhooked, the FX stays perfectly on the side, allowing you to focus on the take-off. The 2021 FX is equipped with Nano ripstop canopy for very good durability and years of kite fun. The pure profile panels of the FX provide very efficient aerodynamics and high tenacity dacron provides a very stable arc and improved steering characteristics. The 2021 FX has bridles without a pulley, which makes it very direct and feel stable and familiar even in strong winds.

  • Cabrinha FX 2021 kite
  • Performance-oriented freeride / freestyle kite
  • Heavy construction with closing seam
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy offers durability, stability and responsiveness
  • High strength Dacron for improved arc stability and handling
  • Strategic canopy reinforcements in high load areas
  • Pure Profile Panels for efficient aerodynamics
  • No pully for more direct steering and feedback
  • Three bridle options to adjust the arc properties to your taste
  • Explosive pop and clearance for freestyle tricks
  • Forward pull and quick recovery for kiteloops
  • Direct strength building with excellent depower

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