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Tronic 2021 Kiteboard Cabrinha

Cabrinha Tronic 2021 Kiteboard

Unique kiteboard that combines freeriding with wave kiting

With the Tronic 2021 Kiteboard, Cabrinha has launched a twin-tip kiteboard that is unique of its kind and that gained lots of popularity over the years. The Tronic offers the perfect mix of freeriding and wave kiting.
With its round outline, its soft flex, its high rocker and its narrow tips, it is specially made for freeriding and riding in waves. Its round outline and narrow V-tips allow for particularly soft carving turns, which creates a very special freeride experience. With the Tronic 2021 your sessions will be more varied and playful for sure. The Tronic is also perfect for riding in choppy water. There it provides effortless, smooth and stable riding. With the Tronic 2021 you will have a lot of edge control, which enables a precise pop for high jumps even in difficult conditions. The quad concave and the V-tips make rail-to-rail transitions very easy and create a lot of grip.

The Tronic 2021 by Cabrinha is therefore a perfect kiteboard for all freeriders who like to combine waveriding with particularly soft carving turns and who want to experience a Freeride-Session with an unique character. This year the Tronic also shows off with a creative design.

  • Freeride / Wave
  • Perfect carving turns
  • Easy Upwind riding
  • effortless Riding
  • high rocker
  • Quad concave
  • round outline
  • V-tips
  • lots of control, even in choppy water
  • comes with fins and handle

    Cabrinha Tronic 2021 Kiteboard
    Cabrinha Tronic 2021 Kiteboard

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