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XLITE 2020 Kite (DEMO) Core Kiteboarding

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Core Kiteboarding XLite Kite

Lightwind one strut hydrofoil kite from Core

The hydrofoil hype is there to stay. Core knows that. In recent years, Core has been busy developing the perfect LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable) foil kite for hydrofoil kite surfing. The Core XLite is the result of this development. With the Core XLite you can explore the limits of foiling in terms of low wind and technicality. The XLite is super responsive and lightweight, even 20% lighter than the Core Section! The advanced foiler will immediately notice how light and responsive the XLite feels in the air, a loop for your turns is made in no time. For beginners, the stable nature and easy reverse launch is a true pleasure.

The gradual power of the all-round Core Nexus and the unrivaled drift characteristics of the Core Section have merged in to one kite, the XLite, which is also lighter than any other Core kite. Saving weight is not easy, therefore Core has used new ExoTex Light in the leading edge. It was decided to stick with the familiar strong CoreTex canopy in order to achieve the best possible flight characteristics. In addition, the bridles are thinner. The thin bridles not only ensure a weight saving but also make it easier to release the Core XLite from the water.

The XLite has a light weight and one strut profile. This profile contributes to the great low end. Core deliberately opted for a single strut design, because this design gives better control compared to a strutless kite. In addition, a single strut kite is much easier to restart from the water. The one strut profile is combined with a Future-C shape. This gives the XLite a somewhat higher aspect ratio and allows the kite to steer easily and quickly through short turns so that you can downloop through your jibe. The Core XLite kite is easy to adjust to your own preferences. With the CIT system from Core you can adjust the XLite to a wave, all-round and freestyle setting. The wave mode allows the XLite to steer faster, gives more depower and does not pull you off your board. The freestyle mode steers a bit slower and gives a little more lift up to move your feet easily. The XLite comes out of the bag in the standard all-round setting. Perfect to get to know the XLite and go on an adventure from flat lakes to foiling on sick swell!

  • Lightweight foil kite
  • One strut design
  • Future C
  • ExoTex Light
  • Core Tex canopy
  • CIT trim system
  • Easy relaunch
  • Reverse relaunch possible
  • Thin bridles
  • Grintex reinforcement
  • Speed Valve 2
  • Bridle pulley system

    Core Xlite 2020 Kite

    Core Xlite 2020 Kite

    Core Xlite 2020 Kite

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