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Rebel 2021 Kite Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Rebel 2021 Kite

Big Air Freeride Machine van Duotone

The Rebel has been one of the leading kites when it comes to big air and hangtime for years! Of course, the Rebel will not be missing from Duotone"s 2021 catalog. In addition to a fantastic new appearance, the new Rebel has new specs to improve it again compared to its predecessor. The 2021 is the fastest driving Rebel yet! This is mainly due to the use of Flex Struts, which are also incorporated in the 2021 SLS versions. This gives the Duotone Rebel even better flying charactaristics and you can steer the kite faster to jump even higher. This has made the Rebel much faster in corners and more dynamic than in previous years. The kite feels more sporty, perfectly tuned and ready for big air!

The Duotone Rebel has a very excellent wind range and thanks to the five struts, the Rebel is mega stable in strong winds. In strong winds you just want to boost and the Rebel gives you the confidence you need to fly higher than ever. Thanks to the various adjustment options, the Rebel is very versatile and suitable for a very large group of riders. The kite has such a large sweet spot that you can really put it in the corner and no longer have to look at it, sheet and go!

The Duotone Rebel is a kite for beginner to pro. A real all-round kite that is well behaved in all conditions and offers the best performance. The Rebel has a good depower and you can sail well overpowerd, without it becoming unstable. A wonderful kite for the high performance oriented freerider!

  • Duotone Rebel 2021 kite
  • Hangtime monster
  • Fastest driving rebel yet
  • Flex Struts for direct response
  • Sheet and go strength building
  • Big air boost and flying far
  • Various adjustment options
  • Optimized construction to save on weight
  • 4 and 5 line setup

    Duotone Rebel 2021 Kite
    Duotone Rebel 2021 Kite

  • Leon
    31 December 2020

    Wat een loop machine! Ik kan deze Rebel alleen vergelijken met mijn 2019 set en het verschil is erg groot! De lichtere constructie is merkbaar bij low wind en loopen gaat echt vele malen beter want de kite vangt je sneller op en de loops/turns gaan sneller. Gelukkig nog steeds de stabiliteit, hangtime en boost waar de Rebel bekend om staat, perfect voor freeride en beginners, echt een topper!

    Lasse Walker
    Lasse Walker
    2 October 2020

    This is the most playful and performing Rebel Duotone has made so far. Combining new refinements with the flexstruts have made the 2021 Rebel more reactive and sportive which makes higher jumps and freeriding more fun! The Rebel is the PERFECT kite if you want to cruise around with comfort and jump huge! With the large windrange and versatile character the kite is a perfect fit for the full-on free rider!

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