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Wam 2022 Surfboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone 2022 Wam Surfboard

Surfboard that can do everything from Duotone

The Duotone Wam 2022 is perfect for almost all conditions, making it an incredibly popular surfboard in no time. The Wam 2022 is not only top notch as a first directional, but it is also the competition board of choice for professional surfers such as Sebastian Ribeiro. In short, the Wam has become the go-to surfboard for many riders!

To bring the surfboard back to the top, change was needed for the 2022 Duotone Wam. For 2022, the goal of the legendary shaper Sky Solbach was to bring the shape up to date with modern trends. To get more speed and flow, the volume under the forefoot has been increased. The rocker is slightly raised, combined with a more contoured curve, allowing you to unlock radical turns in almost any wave size. Because the Duotone Wam 2022 has become so accessible, the surfboard is perfect for every level of riders!

The Duotone Wam 2022 has a Bamboo Tech construction that not only makes the surfboard incredibly durable, but also ensures that the surfboard feels fast and lively under your feet. In addition, the bamboo provides a high strength-to-weight ratio with great resistance to dents and perforations. A so-called Cork Shock Absorber was used as a damper. This cork damper is applied in the heel area of ​​the surfboard and forms completely without visible dents unlike a PVC damper. The Duotone Wam has inserts, so that the surfboard can be used with straps or strapless. The Duotone Wam has a Futures Fins compatible fin box, for a perfect and tight fit of the truster fin setup.

Are you looking for a surfboard with a classic shape that you can really do anything with? The Duotone Wam will never disappoint you and will become your new go-to surfboard in no time!

  • All-round surfboard
  • Bamboo Technology
  • Classic construction
  • Cork shock absorber
  • Responsive Flex
  • Grabrail
  • Inserts
  • Multibox
  • Truster fin setup

  • Duotone 2022 Wam Surfboard

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