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Cabrinha makes fantastic kites of high quality. The kite brand has been on the road for a number of years and continues to improve itself time and time again. Cabrinha kites are at the top of the ladder when it comes to user-friendliness, control and durability. Cabrinha today has a very wide range of kitesurf kites. Kitemana is the largest Cabrinha kites dealer from Europe and we can tell you all about these kites with passion if you have a question about one or more Cabrinha Kites. Read more »

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Switchblade 2021 Kite
Switchblade 2021 KiteCabrinha
1299.00 €909.00
Moto 2021 Kite
Moto 2021 KiteCabrinha
1249.00 €869.00
Contra 3S 2021 Kite
Contra 3S 2021 KiteCabrinha
1799.00 €1259.00
Drifter 2021 Kite
Drifter 2021 KiteCabrinha
1149.00 €799.00
FX 2021 Kite
FX 2021 KiteCabrinha
1349.00 €939.00
Switchblade 2022 Kite
Switchblade 2022 KiteCabrinha
Contra 1S 2021 Kite
Contra 1S 2021 KiteCabrinha
1049.00 €729.00
Contra 1S 2022 Kite
Contra 1S 2022 KiteCabrinha
Contra 3S 2022 Kite
Contra 3S 2022 KiteCabrinha
Drifter 2022 Kite
Drifter 2022 KiteCabrinha
FX2 2022 Kite
FX2 2022 KiteCabrinha
Moto 2022 Kite
Moto 2022 KiteCabrinha
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Buy Cabrinha Kite Online

Do you want to buy a new Cabrinha kite? Then you ended up on the right page. Cabrinha is one of the most popular kite brands and makes different models of kites. This means there is a suitable Cabrinha kite for every rider and every discipline. You can order Cabrinha kites online, because you know what you get with this brand. The Cabrinha kites are renewed every year to update them with the latest technologies and the best materials. The kites of Cabrinha are designed for kitesurfing and belong to the category of tube kites. These kites are filled with air and keep their profile in the air, but also when they crash on the water.

Cabrinha Kite Collection

As described above, Cabrinha offers a very wide range of kites. At the moment Cabrinha has six different models of kites in the collection. These kites each have a specific character, with the best qualities for a particular discipline. Despite the differences, you still feel that you have a Cabrinha kite in your hands with every Cabrinha kite. The kites feel familiar and offer a fast learning curve. Cabrinha kites are extremely safe and offer the best quality. The kites are easy to relaunch and offer a wide wind range.

Cabrinha Moto Kite

The Cabrinha Moto kite is the newest member of the Cabrinha family. The Moto is designed for riders who want a versatile, predictable flight performance. This kite has three struts, which makes it lighter than for example the Cabrinha Switchblade. Its shape makes it suitable for every type of Rider and a wide range of conditions. The Cabrinha moto is a kite for most disciplines the sport has to offer: Freeride, Surf and foil kite surfing. This versatile Freeride / Cross-over kite feels light and offers precise power and steering behaviour. The lighter weight and quick response of the Moto performs awesome. The Cabrinha Moto also comes in a special edition XO version. Check out the Cabrinha Moto Kite here .

Cabrinha Switchblade Kite

The Cabrinha Switchblade kite is one of the most popular models of kites at the moment. This is a freeride kite that is suitable for all conditions and for 90% of the kiters. It is designed for the demanding rider who prefers a predictable bar feeling and an unrivalled low- and high-end. This kite is for freeride kitesurfers that love power, performance and refinement. The reputation of the Switchblade as the best Freeride kite in the world is mainly due to satisfied customers and countless world titles, such as the fastest kiter in the world (2010). King of the air (2017). The world's highest jump (2018). The special thing about the Cabrinha Switchblade is that the kite is very easy to fly and suitable for beginners to advanced kiters. Check out the Cabrinha Switchblade Kite here .

Cabrinha FX Kite

Are you hooked to freestyle moves and would you like to jump, handle pass and kiteloop? Then the Cabrinha FX kite is definitely for you! The FX kite is specially designed for kite surfers who are addicted to freestyle and wakestyle. The Cabrinha FX kite feels very direct and sails just as easily hooked in as is unhooked. The kite offers a direct pop and explosive power build-up, giving you enough power for all your tricks. The kite has a hybrid shape that sits between a C and Bow. This gives you the advantages of both worlds, which means that you get an explosive kite with depower and a great relaunch. Check out the Cabrinha FX Kite here .

Cabrinha Drifter Kite

The Cabrinha Drifter is a Cabrinha kite that feels at home in the waves. The surfing discipline is becoming increasingly popular among the kiters and that is reflected in the popularity of the Cabrinha Drifter. The Drifter is specifically designed for kite surfing in waves and strapless freestyle. This kite has the ability to immediately turn its power on and off. His big depower and good drift make the Drifter a winner on the surfboard. Going down the line nicely or making a little jump here and there with your strapless surfboard. The drifter does it with ease. A very direct kite with a fast steering behaviour and a very easy relaunch. Check out the Cabrinha Drifter Kite here .

Cabrinha Contra Kite

Would you like to be the first on the water and you don’t want to miss one single session? Then the Contra is certainly a very good addition to your kite quiver. The Cabrinha Contra has the best low end of all Cabrinha kites. The Contra is available with one strut or with three struts. The Contra has a very good park & ride power. Kitesurfing in little wind is no fun for almost anyone, especially not on the days when you just do not have enough power on the water. For these days Cabrinha has developed a light weather sample. The Cabrinha Contra kite comes in sizes 13m, 15m, 17m and 19m, for almost no wind to a light breeze. Check here the Cabrinha Contra Kite.

Technologies Cabrinha kites

At Cabrinha, development and quality are of paramount importance. Cabrinha Kites are made of the best materials to guarantee years of fun and safety. Below you will find a number of characteristics and materials that are used in the construction of Cabrinha kites.

Dacron with high reach

Cabrinha has used a special kind of dacron in all kites. This completely new Dacron is specially designed for inflated kite structures. The construction of this material is very strong with the aid of ultra high tenacity yarns with an increased wire count. As a result, the fabric stretches less so that the Cabrinha Kites maintain their profile perfectly under pressure. The lower rack provides a more accurate kite with less distortion during the flight. Cabrinha's Dacron also has a longer life than most other brands.

Dynamic Arc

All Cabrinha kites have a Dynamic arc. With this dynamic arc the kite can have two different arc shapes. The Arc of the kite gets one shape while flying, and another form when it is at rest on the water. While the Cabrinha Kite is resting on the water after a crash, for example, the arch is opened slightly so you can relaunch it easily and immediately.

Power Control

Every Cabrinha you can tweak yourself to your own taste to set how much power the kite offers. Every "pig tail" on the back of the kite has three different adjustment options with which you can adjust the kite to taste. The middle position is the factory-recommended position. If you want more power, you can connect the button closest to the kite. If you prefer less power or wind harder, you can attach the knot closer to the rider. Super convenient!

Pure Profile Panels

The precision-mounted panels provide ultimate control over the aerodynamics of the Cabrinha kite. Each Cabrinha kite has a very smooth and stable profile of the air. This ultimately ensures that the kite offers very refined handling with excellent performance and range. The Pure Profile Panels allow the kite to fly faster through the air, resulting in a wider range and improved performance.

Sprint Airlock Valve

For years the Cabrinha inflation valve has been one of the most user-friendly on the market. This so-called Sprint inflating system is the most efficient and easy way to quickly inflate and empty your kite. The Cabrinha Airlock valve supplies air directly to all struts from one point. The Airlock connection can be used with every pump, so you do not need extra adapters. Once inflated you can lock each prop separately, very safe if your kite accidentally drains somewhere. This is how air always stays in your Cabrinha Kite. When your kite session is over, the entire kite will be in seconds.