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Airush has a wide range of kiteboards, surfboards and kitesurf hydrofoils. For every level kitesurfer and every kitesurf style there is an Airush kitesurfboard. So you can ride on the most ideal kitesurfboard and improve your level. The Airush Switch shows that the Airush kiteboards are of top quality. The Airush Switch has been present in the kiteboard range of Airush since 2001, making it the kiteboard with the longest history in the kitesurfing world. The fact that Airush's kiteboards can perform at a world level is shown by freestyle world champion; Alex Pastor and King of the Air candidate Oswald Smith. No lack of performance! Do you have a question about one of the Airush kiteboards or is your kiteboard not listed? Please contact us via telephone, email or WhatsApp. Or read more. »

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Switch Progression 2021 Kiteboard
Switch Progression 2021 KiteboardAirush
399.00 €279.00
Livewire V7 2021 Kiteboard
Livewire V7 2021 KiteboardAirush
649.00 €449.00
Amp V4 Carbon Innegra 2021 Directional
Amp V4 Carbon Innegra 2021 DirectionalAirush
Switch Sonic 2018 Kiteboard
Switch Sonic 2018 KiteboardAirush
549.00 €349.00
Switch V10 2021 Kiteboard
Switch V10 2021 KiteboardAirush
Amp V4 Reflex Wood 2021 Directional
Amp V4 Reflex Wood 2021 DirectionalAirush
Apex Team 2019 Kiteboard
Apex Team 2019 KiteboardAirush
999.00 €499.00
Apex Team V7 2021 Kiteboard
Apex Team V7 2021 KiteboardAirush
Apex V7 2022 Kiteboard
Apex V7 2022 KiteboardAirush
Comp Carbon Innegra V4 2021 Directional
Comp Carbon Innegra V4 2021 DirectionalAirush
Comp V4 Reflex Wood 2021 Directional
Comp V4 Reflex Wood 2021 DirectionalAirush
Cypher V3 Reflex Wood 2021 Directional
Cypher V3 Reflex Wood 2021 DirectionalAirush
Diamond V5 2020 Kiteboard
Diamond V5 2020 KiteboardAirush
409.00 €369.00
Diamond V6 2022 Kiteboard
Diamond V6 2022 KiteboardAirush
Livewire Junior V3 2021 Kiteboard
Livewire Junior V3 2021 KiteboardAirush
439.00 €369.00
Livewire Team 2018 Kiteboard
Livewire Team 2018 KiteboardAirush
999.00 €499.00
Livewire Team V6 2019 Kiteboard
Livewire Team V6 2019 KiteboardAirush
999.00 €599.00
Livewire Team V8 2022
Livewire Team V8 2022Airush
Livewire V8 2022 Kiteboard
Livewire V8 2022 KiteboardAirush
Sonic V3 2021 Kiteboard
Sonic V3 2021 KiteboardAirush
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Airush kiteboard and directional buy online

Airush has a large selection of kiteboards and surfboards. Each kiteboard or surfboard is released in different constructions for different characteristics. Because of these options it can be difficult to choose your right Airush kiteboard. Below we briefly described the kiteboards and directional surfboard from Airush so you have a quick overview of the different Airush kiteboards. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

  • Airush Kiteboarding kitesurfing twintips
  • Airush Kiteboarding kitesurf directionals
  • Airush Kiteboarding kitesurf hydrofoil
  • Airush Kiteboarding kitesurfing technology

    Airush Kiteboarding kitesurfing twintips

    Each kite surfer has a twintip kitesurfboard. A twintip is a rectangular plank with which you can sail in all directions. With a twintip you can jump high and walk easily. Airush has developed a twintip kiteboard for every level and sailing style. By using different constructions, the twintips each have their own character. Below we briefly explained the various twintips from Aiursh with a link to the full description on the website. If you have any questions about the Airush boards, you can always contact us via email, telephone and WhatsApp.

    Airush Switch Twintip Kiteboard

    The Airush Switch is the longest running kiteboard in the kitesurfing world. The Airush Switch has been sold since 2001. The Airush Switch is the beginner / freeride kiteboard within the Airush kiteboard range. The Airush Switch has a flat rocker so that you can quickly ride away and easily go upwind. The wooden Paulownia core of the Switch gives the board a fine flex for a forgiving character. The Switch is available in two constructions, the progression and the Team version. The various technologies are explained at the bottom of this page. View the full description of the Switch Progression and the the Switch Team.

    Airush Apex Twintip Kiteboard

    The Airush Apex kiteboard is a freeride freestyle oriented twintip from Airush for the intermediate to advanced kitesurfer. The Apex is suitable for both footstraps and boots for big air and freestyle kite surfing. In comparison with the Switch, the Apex has a higher rocker and a stiffer flex. The Airush Apex has a bottom shape with the channels of the Livewire with Venturi concave as always in the Apex. This makes the Airush Apex a wonderful grip and is easy to ride for explosive pop and high jumps. The Apex is available in two constructions, the V5 and the Apex Team construction. Read the full description of the Airush Apex Team kiteboard here.

    Airush Livewire Twintip Kiteboard

    The Airush Livewire is a kiteboard made for wakestyle and park kite surfing. The Livewire is extremely strong, 'bomb-proof'. The bottom of the Airush Livewire is equipped with an HD Grindrite slider base to hit sliders and obstacles without damaging your board to bad. The deep channels and concave in the bottom give the Livewire a lot of grip, even so much that you can ride the Livewire without fins. The Airush Livewire has the highest rocker of all Airush boards for thick wakestyle action and smooth landings. To get the most out of your Airush Livewire board you ride the Livewire with boots. Read all about the Airush Livewire here.

    Airush Directional kitesurf surfboards

    In addition to a large kitesurfing twintip board range, Airush also has a very wide selection of directional surfboards, including the Converse, Amp, Comp, Diamond and the Mini Monsters. Suitable for all kitesurf conditions and surf levels. Below the various boards are described briefly with a link to the complete product description on our website.

    Airush Converse Directional Surfboard

    The Airush Converse is a 'down the line' beast. The high rocker design gives the Converse a super snappy feeling. The narrow width ensures maximum control at high speed. The Airush Converse has an epoxy construction for a fine flex. The thruster fin setup in the Converse is suitable for Futures fins. Read the full description of the Airush Converse here.

    Airush Amp Directional Surfboard

    Airush developed the Amp for all-round surf. A flat rocker for high speed control and a somewhat rounder design to optimize manoeuvrability. The diamond shape in the tail is ideal for kite surfing. The bottom has a single to double concave to absorb chop, which gives the Amp super smooth feel. The Amp is the ultimate combination of speed and agility, ideal for the less powerful surf and onshore days. Read the entire product description from the Airush Amp here.

    Airush Comp Directional Surfboard

    The Airush Comp is an all-round competition surfboard. A fusion of speed and precision. The Comp has a relatively flat rocker in the tail for speed and acceleration with a medium rocker in the nose for the slightly higher surf. In perimeter, the Comp has a medium width for hard edges and a snappy feel. The narrow nose gives you great drive for powerful top turns. The truster fin setup has been moved back slightly to compensate for the fast rocker.

    Read full product description from the Airush Comp here.

    Airush kitesurf hydrofoil

    Also for a hydrofoil for kitesurfing you have come to the right place at Airush. Good solid hydrofoils for all hydrofoil sailing styles. The quality you expect from Airush in a hydrofoil guarantees fun on days with little wind. Below is a brief overview of the Airush hydrofoils.

    Airush Freeride kitesurf hydofoil

    The freeride hydrofoil from Airush is a reliable hydrofoil with an average speed. The freeride foil can be used to make your first meters on the hydrofoil but is also very nice if you can do it a bit better. Because of the slightly narrow wing you need more speed to get out of the water than a hydrofoil with a low aspact ratio, but this gives you a higher top speed. Due to the shape of the wing, the Airush Freeride hydrofoil is a stable foil that will feel reliable. The Airush Freeride foil has an aluminum mast and fuselage. The wings are made of carbon.

    Airush Carving kitesurf hydrofoil

    The Airush Carving hydrofoil has a front wing with a large surface. This ensures a low aspect ratio. The low AR gives the wing quick lift at low speed making the low end of this hydrofoil very good. The speed of the Carving hydrofoil is somewhat lower than the freeride but on the other hand, the Carving is a lot more agile to turn around nice carves and super playful on your hydrofoil. The mast and fuselage of the Carving hydrofoil are made of strong aluminum and the wings of lightweight carbon.

    Airush Rear X-wing The X-wing can be found in the Carving and Freeride hydrofoil from Airush. The X-wing is the back wing, the special thing about the Airush X-wing is that you can attach it in different ways. With the wings up and the wings down. If you attach the Airush X-wing with the wings upwards, you will have a more stable foil at high speed. When you point the X-wing wings down you will notice that foil becomes more playful, this is the ideal setting for larger foils on small masts when you want to be as agile as possible.

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    Airush Kiteboarding kitesurfing technology

    Making a good kiteboard is not easy. Much research and development precedes the development of a kiteboard. Over the years, Airush's kiteboards have improved and experimented with many different types of kiteboad technologies. In the kiteboards that Airush currently produces, there are a number of techniques and constructions that we would like to highlight. Below you can read the descriptions of the different kiteboard constructions.

    Airush Progression kiteboard construction

    The progression series from Airush is made for a high price quality ratio. Strong boards for a good price that you will enjoy for a long time. The best choice if you are just starting kitesurfing and looking for a robust board.

    Airush Team kiteboard construction

    The Airush Team construction is the most premium construction for most performance. The Team construction is lightweight due to the use of carbon. The carbon construction is combined with the Airush Multi zone biotech core for the best flex and great feeling.