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Kiteboard Brunotti

The Brunotti kiteboard and directional surfboards are designed with passion and years of experience in the Netherlands by Jinne Sietsma. Kitesurfers of world class such as Youri Zoon rely on the quality and performance of the Brunotti kiteboards every day. The twintip and directional kiteboards are of a high quality. Brunotti has a wide range of twintip and kite surfboards suitable for the waves. For every level and every kitesurfing style. On this page you can find an overview of the Brunotti kiteboards. Is your board not listed or do you have a question about one of the Brunotti kitesurfboards? Do not wait and ask your question via telephone, email or WhatsApp. You are always welcome in our store! Read more. »

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Dimension 2021 Kiteboard
Dimension 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
549.00 €439.00
Dimension 2021 Valkyrie Kiteboard
Dimension 2021 Valkyrie KiteboardBrunotti
549.00 €439.00
Fusion 2020 Kiteboard
Fusion 2020 KiteboardBrunotti
899.00 €449.00
Youri Pro 2021 Kiteboard
Youri Pro 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
699.00 €559.00
Pro X 2022 Kiteboard
Pro X 2022 KiteboardBrunotti
Youri Pro 2022 Kiteboard
Youri Pro 2022 KiteboardBrunotti
B-Fish 2021 Surfboard
B-Fish 2021 SurfboardBrunotti
Biscuit 2022 Surfboard
Biscuit 2022 SurfboardBrunotti
Biscuit STR 2021 Surfboard
Biscuit STR 2021 SurfboardBrunotti
Blackhawk 2021 Kiteboard
Blackhawk 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
899.00 €719.00
Blast JR 2021 Kiteboard
Blast JR 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
349.00 €349.00
Boomer 2022 Surfboard
Boomer 2022 SurfboardBrunotti
Boomer STR 2021 Surfboard
Boomer STR 2021 SurfboardBrunotti
Buster 2020 Kiteboard
Buster 2020 KiteboardBrunotti
599.00 €349.00
Condor 2021 Kiteboard
Condor 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
Dimension 2022 Kiteboard
Dimension 2022 KiteboardBrunotti
Dimension Galactic 2022 Kiteboard
Dimension Galactic 2022 KiteboardBrunotti
Discovery 2021 Kiteboard
Discovery 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
428.00 €399.00
Hawk 2021 Kiteboard
Hawk 2021 KiteboardBrunotti
699.00 €559.00
Hawk 2022 Kiteboard
Hawk 2022 KiteboardBrunotti
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Buy Brunotti kiteboard online

You can easily purchase Brunotti kiteboards and directional surfboards online at Kitemana. At Kitemana we have a large stock of Brunotti kiteboards directly available. There is a Brunotti kiteboard for every kitesurfing style and kitesurf level. Do you have a question about one of the Brunotti kiteboards, directionals or do you not know which Brunotti board suits you best? Ask your question via email, telephone or WhatsApp. Of course you can always come to our kiteshop. Below are the kiteboards of Brunotti briefly described with a link to the full product description on our website so you have a quick overview of all different Brunotti kiteboards. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

  • Brunotti twintip kiteboard
  • Brunotti directional surfboard
  • Brunotti kiteboard technology

    Brunotti Fusion Carbon twintip kiteboard

    The Brunotti Fusion Carbon version is a true freeride freestyle king. A delicious board if you want to challenge yourself. The rigid deck of the Brunotti Fusion gives you an explosive pop and a super direct feeling. With the Fusion you can close your eyes. Not the ideal board if you are a beginner but even more suitable for the more advanced kite surfer. The full description of the Brunotti Fusion Carbon can be found here.

    Brunotti Youri Pro twintip kiteboard

    Each kitebrand needs a prize-winning board. Youri Zoon not a noob and with his Brunotti Your Pro Youri Zoon has twice won the world championship kitesurfing. The Brunotti Your Pro is therefore a board that you can classify as a freestyle board. The board is made for thick pop and controlled landings. This has been achieved by Brunotti through a quad channel from the tips to the middle of the Youri Pro with a double concave. The Youri Pro is a kiteboard that you can sail with boots for even more pop and control. Read the full description of the Brunotti Youri Pro here.

    Brunotti BNT Special twintip kiteboard

    The Brunotti BNT is made from the same mold as the popular Youri Pro and therefore has the same channels. The only thing is that the BNT is slightly less stiff than the Youri Pro for a smoother sailing performance and a little less pop. This makes the BNT a freeride / freestyle kiteboard. Check the Brunotti BNT Special kiteboard here.

    Brunotti Buster twintip kiteboard

    The Brunotti Buster is the wakestyle / freestyle board of Brunotti to land the most extreme unhooked freestyle and wakestyle tricks and to add them to your tricklist. At sea or in the park? The Buster can handle it. The Buster is equipped with a slider base to go over obstacles without any worries. The deep three double channel and double concave of the Buster give grip and control, even without fins! Read the full description of the Brunotti Buster kiteboard here.

    Brunotti Dimension twintip kiteboard

    The Brunotti Dimension is an all-round freestyle kiteboard that will quickly become your favourite kiteboard. The fine flex through the wooden core allows the Dimension to ride through the chop as if it were nothing. The light double channels and double concave in the bottom of the Dimension give the board a good grip on the water. A super fine kiteboard with which you can challenge yourself to land your first jumps and freestyle tricks. View here the full description of the Brunotti Dimension.

    Brunotti Riptide twintip kiteboard

    The Riptide is Brunotti's kiteboard, specially designed for women. The Riptide is similar to the Dimension and can also be classified as the freestyle freeride kite surfboards. The Riptide is a bit more flexible and narrower compared to the Dimension to meet the demands of women. Furthermore, the Riptide corresponds to the Dimension including the double channels in the tips and double concave in the deck for grip and sailing comfort. Everything about the Brunotti Riptide can be read here.

    Brunotti Onyx twintip kiteboard

    The Onyx is perhaps the longest lasting kiteboard model by Brunotti. A super accessible kiteboard to make your first kitesurf meters. The Brunotti Onyx is designed for easy riding and good upwind characteristics. Because there is a lot of flex in the Onyx you can ride comfortably through choppy water. The Onyx is available in many different sizes so that the perfect size is always available for you. Read the full Brunotti Onyx product description here.

    Brunotti Early Bird twintip kiteboard

    First up the water? Make more sessions per year? The Early Bird is there to kite with as little wind as possible. The Brunotti Early Bird is large but still lightweight. Due to its light weight, the Early Bird feels playful for its size. Check the Brunotti Early Bird here.

    Brunotti Blast children's kiteboard

    You can not start kitesurfing early enough. That's what Brunotti thought as well and developed the Brunotti Blast. A small kiteboard with a narrow stance, friendly flex and comfortable riding characteristics. Ideal for children who cannot wait to start kitesurfing. The full product description of the Brunotti Blast can be read here.

    Brunotti directional surfboard

    If you have mastered kitesurfing on a twintip, you obviously want to take the next step. You have seen the waves at sea and want to make that your playground. A directional is the perfect toy to play between the waves. Brunotti makes some very nice directional surfboards for kitesurfing. The Brunotti directional surfboards are briefly described below with a link to the complete product description.

    Brunotti Braap directional surfboard

    The Brunotti Braap is a surfboard with a short nose which makes it super versatile. You can surf with it but also on days with less wind strapless freestyle. The four fins ensure that you can easily make speed. The honeycomb construction on the deck makes the board very resistant to dents and super durable. You can ride the Brunotti Braap both with and without footstraps for the real surf feeling. Read the full product description of the Brunotti Braap here.

    Brunotti Boomer directional surfboard

    The Boomer from Brunotti can be described as fast, agile and stable. The Boomer is suitable for the Dutch surf on the somewhat smaller days. With the 5 fin option you can choose whether you surf the Boomber with three or four fins. For more grip or more speed. The web over the top of the board adds strength and durability to the Brunotti Boomer. In the deck there are inserts for riding with straps. But of course you get the real surfing feeling when kitesurfing without straps. . Read the full description of the Brunotti Boomer here.

    Brunotti Boss directional surfboard

    The Brunotti Boss is dynamic and versatile. Anyone can rip waves with the Boss like a boss. The North Sea is his playground, preferably on a bigger day. The carbon web over the top of the board provides stiffness and durability. Because of this web there are almost no dents in the top of your board. The Boss has no less than five fin boxes. This allows you to ride the Brunotti Boss with three or four fins. Standard on the Brunotti Boss is a camera mount so that you can capture all your action forever. Check the full description of the Brunotti Boss here.

    Brunotti Torque Equalizer

    The Troque Equalizer ensures that the Brunotti boards in which this is used are extra strong and stiff in the diagonal axes, where the torsion occurs. This makes the Brunotti kiteboards easier to ride and have an even better performance.

    Brunotti DSR technique

    The DSR is a technique that Brunotti uses in the edges of the kiteboard. The DSR edge is a great freeride edge with a small contact surface. The sharp rail gives the Brunotti boards a lot of grip and a good upwind performance. Although the edge is thin, the edge has enough stiffness for a nice pop.

    Brunotti CNC Wood Core

    The Brunotti kiteboards are cut with a super high precision by the use of a high tech CNC machine. The CNC machine transfers the characteristics in the board exactly as you want. The result is a lightweight board that is just thick enough for the stiffness and strength you would want from your kiteboard. The flex gives the kiteboards a comfortable character.

    Brunotti Active Backbone

    The Active Backbone has been added to some boards for even more performance. The Active Backbone runs along the entire length of the board to add stiffness and strength where needed. The Backbone gradually distributes all the forces of the inserts over the entire kiteboard for extra control and comfort.