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Kitemana has all the parts you need for your kite, bar or kiteboard. As time passes by some of your parts will be worn out or you, unfortunately, lose some. That is why we try to deliver all the spare parts so you can quickly get back to what you love to do, kitesurfing! Lines, Quick Release systems, Pigtails, valves, screws, swivels, floaters, grab handles, bar parts or pulleys. You name it, we got it and most of the time also in stock! If you have any doubts about replacing an item, no worries, just give us a call or send us an email with a clear picture of your task and we will guide you through the process. If you happen to be nearby our kite shop in Noordwijk, you can also visit us for advice and we will gladly help you out with the repair or replace that particular part for you. Do you want to order a specific item and you can't find it in our online webshop? Please call or email us and we will look for a good alternative together.



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Freeride kit 2022
Freeride kit 2022Duotone Kiteboarding
Chicken Finger
Chicken FingerNaish
One Pump Kit
One Pump KitSlingshot
Airlock Valve
Airlock ValveCabrinha
Aquasure PU Glue
Aquasure PU GlueDr. Tuba
Pigtails Line Kit
Pigtails Line KitSlingshot
Flagging line
Flagging lineNaish
Depowerlijn Torque ATB 2017-2021
Depowerlijn Torque ATB 2017-2021Naish
Grab handle
Grab handleF-One
HyperFlow Inflation Valve
HyperFlow Inflation ValveNorth
Lower Landing Line SLF (TLC)
Lower Landing Line SLF (TLC)Cabrinha
S-Slide Safety Line
S-Slide Safety LineCore Kiteboarding
Screw set
Screw setBrunotti
The Sentry Depower Line + Flagging Line + Tube
The Sentry Depower Line + Flagging Line + TubeSlingshot
Chicken Dig (Trust/Click)
Chicken Dig (Trust/Click)Duotone Kiteboarding
Connector Pigtails
Connector PigtailsCore Kiteboarding
Depower Lijn Sentinel
Depower Lijn SentinelSlingshot
Depower line
Depower lineDuotone Kiteboarding
Elasticised Trim Line
Elasticised Trim LineNorth
Kiteboard Screw
Kiteboard ScrewKitemana
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