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Access V2 2021 Bar Airush

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Airush Access V2 2021 bar

Compact kitesurf bar for the smaller kitesurfer from Airush with IQR

Airush really thinks about everyone. There is this Access bar V2 that takes into account the smaller kite surfer. Not everyone can always reach his or her depower system easily because the depower cord and chickenloop are too long. That is why this Acces bar from Airush has a shorter depowercord and a standard short chicken loop so that everyone, even with short arms, can access the depower cord with their depower system. The depower system of the Access bar works with the help of a strap for depower and a strap for power that you pull towards you to get more or less power out of your kite. The diameter of the bar is also thinner than that of the other Airush bars so that you have a good grip with the bar even with small hands. There are fixed floaters at the ends of the Airush Acces V2 bar, and the bar is also adjustable in width from 41 to 51 centimeters.

Of course, the new Access bar from Airush also has the new Intelligent Quick Release system. This makes releasing and reassembling the release a piece of cake. The release is activated when you push it away from you. To reassemble the IQR, push the chicken loop end back into the QR, you will hear a click and you are ready to go. Everything is made as simple as possible! The total line length of the Access bar is 24 meters and the bar has a low split of the power lines.

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