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Protection - Earplugs

If you are fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in the water you might want to consider some proper protection of your ears. We highly recommend this, because sooner or later many (kite) surfers get problems with their ears. Unfortunately, most of the time you only notice this issues when it's too late. If your ear canal often gets annoyed by cold water in combination with wind, your ears begin to develop cartilage in the ear canal. That's why we always advise kiters to get a pair so you can prevent this from happening. We have ears protectors from SurfEars or Alpine watertight earplugs. All surf earplugs are in stock and directly available. Do you have a question about any of our ear protectors? Please call or email us. Want to know more about ear protection? Read more.



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How to prevent a Surfer's ear

Surfer's ear is a condition that causes abnormal bone growth within the ear canal which can cause serious damage to the ears. Irritation from cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop lumps of new bony growth which constrict the ear canal. As soon as the ear canal get blocked by this condition, water and wax can become trapped and increases the chance of an infection and loss of hearing. Unfortunately, many kiters are struggling with this problem. That's why we highly recommend wearing ear protection before you hit the water, especially on a very cold and windy day.

Kitesurfing with cold temperatures can lead to a surfer's ear. However, your ears already can get damaged if the water temperature gets below 20 degrees, so protect your ears well during a kitesurf session. There are several ways to protect your ears against the risks of getting surfer's ear. Below we give you a few options you could consider, we highly recommend you at least use one of them.

Surf Cap

Wear a surf cap in the spring and autumn and especially during the cold winter months. A surf cap blocks the cold wind and will give your ears a good protection against the cold in general. If you got long hair it also keeps your hair in place, so your vision won't be blocked after a crash in the water or with side wind.

Surf Earplugs

Another, effective way to protect your ears from the cold while kitesurfing is by using SurfEars. The SurfEars 2.0 version protects the ears against the cold water but still enables you to communicate with each other. This prevents hearing damage and bone growth (surfer's ear). You could also choose a cheaper alternative, the Ear Putty. You can shape these soft silicone earplugs yourself with your fingertips and will fit perfectly into your ear canal. However, you can only use them only a few times.

Surf Spray

The last solution to protect your ears while surfing/kitesurfing is by using water-repellent Audiol Swim ear spray. This spray brings an oil-like substance into the ear. This layer lets water slide directly off the ear and dirt won't stick to the ear. Audiol Swim Orespray consists of natural ingredients, such as olive oil and 0.5% tea oil. Do you have any questions about ear protection while surfing or kitesurfing? Please call or email us.