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Ozone kitesurfing is a kitesurfing brand that finds its basis in Scotland in 1999, but has grown into a globally operating company in high-quality kites, parapents, praragliders and wingsuits. It is self-evident that Ozone produces kites with the highest possible quality when you have to support extreme athletes in different disciplines. The kitesurf range of Ozone is suitable for all kite surfers. From beginners to advanced and from freestylers to waveriders. The kites from Ozone feel wonderful. All kites from Ozone are made in the Ozone kitesurf factory and undergo high quality checks. Check out all kitesurf kites from Ozone kiteboarding here. At the bottom of this page you can read more about the kites of Ozone. Do you have questions about a kite from Ozone or is your favourite kite not listed? Then you can always reach us via telephone, email or WhatsApp. Read more. »

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Edge V11 2022 Kite
Edge V11 2022 KiteOzone
Uno V2
Uno V2Ozone
Catalyst V3 Kite
Catalyst V3 KiteOzone
Edge V10 Kite
Edge V10 KiteOzone
1690.00 €1259.00
Enduro V3 2021 Kite
Enduro V3 2021 KiteOzone
Reo V5 Kite
Reo V5 KiteOzone
1435.00 €1069.00
Reo V6 2022 Kite
Reo V6 2022 KiteOzone
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Obviously you buy an Ozone kitesurf kite at Kitemana. With us you will get the best price and the best advice. We have a large selection of Ozone kites available directly from stock. We test all Ozone kites ourselves because we like it and to give you the best advice! You can always call us for a personal kite advice so that you order the best Ozone kite for you. Further on this page, all kites from Ozone are classified according to riding style and briefly described, in addition you can read which techniques Ozone uses to produce the kites with super high quality. With the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Ozone kiteboarding kiteshop

    Everything from Ozone kiteboarding can be order at us, Kitemana. Based on your preferences, we can advise you and ensure that you purchase the Ozone kite that suits you best. You can always visit our kiteshop in Katwijk for a cup of coffee and a face to face advice or reach us via telephone, email or WhatsApp. However you approach us we are always ready to provide you with the best advice.

    Ozone kitesurfing collection

    Ozone kiteboarding has a big and diverse collection of kitesurf kites. There is a suitable Ozone kite for every level and riding style. If you are just starting out and looking for your first kite, it is best to look for a freeride kite from Ozone such as the Ozone Catalyst or Ozone Enduro. The Ozone Reo is one of the best wave kites currently on the market but also suitable for beginners. Do you like hangtime and jumping high? Then you should definitely consider the Ozone Edge. More of the freestyle size of the sport, kite loops and unhooked kitesurf tricks? Take the Ozone C4 and you will not regret it. Below we have briefly described the kites of Ozone and divided them into a kitesurfing style so that you have a quick, concise and brief overview of the Ozone kites. For questions about Ozone kites you can always contact us.

    Ozone Edge Kite

    The Ozone Edge can be called the most legendary kite of Ozone. The Ozone Egde is an icon within the kitesurf racing segment and a fixed choice for many performance freeride kitesurfers. The Ozone Edge is a kite with a lot of power in its march. This power can be converted into speed but also in height and an incredibly long hangtime. Due to the hangtime you can do great air tricks and board offs with the Ozone Egde. The Ozone Egde is stable and in the large sizes perhaps a bit slow, but that is exactly what makes the kite so nice. The Edge has a strong profile with 5 struts and therefore performs under harsh conditions. Check the Ozone Egde here

    Ozone Enduro kite

    The Ozone Enduro is a kite that has all kitesurfing styles depending on the way you adjust it. Three adjustments that make the Ozone Enduro behave like a freeride, wave or freestyle kite. The perfect Ozone kite if you past the beginner level of kitesurfing but do not know exactly which riding style you like the most. The Ozone Enduro has an average bar pressure and is kited with 4 lines. Read all information about the Ozone Enduro here

    Ozone Reo kite

    Wave riding is what you prefer to do with a kite. The Ozone Reo wants nothing more than to make maximum use of each wave. The Ozone Reo is a kite designed to perform optimally in the waves. The Ozone Reo drifts with you when you are surfing a wave, gives power or depower when you want it and steers nice and fast. If you accidentally made a nice whipe out between the waves, it is no trouble to get the Ozone Reo back in the air again. Because of this super easy relaunch and good depower the Ozone Reo is also a kite that is suitable for a kitesurfer of beginner level. All information about the Ozone Reo can be found here

    Ozone Catalyst kite

    The Ozone Catalyst is a kite with which you can freeride wonderfully. The excellent freeride characteristics and good relaunch also make this a kite that you will enjoy as a beginner. But even if you are a beginner you will love the Catalyst. The Catalyst has a very large wind range and a super fine depower on the bar. A true all round freeride kite with a lightweight 3 strut design. The Ozone Catalyst is kitesurfed on 4 lines and has a single line flag out system. Read all information about the Ozone Catalyst here

    Ozone C4 kite

    One of the biggest innovations of the last years in kitesurfing is the bridled C-kite. Ozone was the first brand to put a bridled C-kite on the market, in 2010 it was the Ozone C4. The C4 turned out to be a game changer right away, as Andy Yates became the world champion freestyle kitesurfing at the Ozone C4. The Ozone C4 has thus shown that it is a super good freestyle kite but also for big air or kite loops the Ozone C4 does not return. The Ozone C4 can sail on both 4 and 5 lines and has a bomb proof 5 strut design.

    Ozone Alpha kite

    You want to kite as much as possible, even with less wind. The Ozone Alpha is a kite for low wind. Ozone achieved this by using a super lightweight design with one strut and as little as possible using heavy dacron. The growing hydrofoil scene will receive the Alpha with open arms. The speed and good low end make the Ozone Alpha a kite that is extremely well suited for a hydrofoil kitesurfing session. The Alpha of Ozone is a kite that flies on 4 lines with a low V split.

    Ozone AMP kite

    The Ozone Amp heralds a new era for big air kiteboarder Ruben Len10. He has flown various kites for a number of years and his choice fell on this newskool C-shape and successor to the C4. Ozone has designed a kite that pushes you to bring out the best in you and go higher and harder than ever before. The Ozone Amp 2020 is a freestyle / park style kite that is incredibly versatile. This kite has a traditional C-design, but the advantages of bridles to offer you sufficient depower and wind range. Ozone has worked behind the scenes for years to design perhaps the best freestyle kite of the moment. The Amp is made to grow with you. Whether you're starting your first kiteloops, or want to push yourself to go as high and fast as Ruben, the Ozone Amp 2020 will help you make rapid progress. It offers extremely refined control and predictable and intuitive handling so that you will not be surprised quickly. Smooth, explosive and with a super thick lift! Read all information about the Ozone Catalyst here

    Ozone Zephyr kite

    With the Ozone Zephyr you have a kite with which you can kitesurf from 6 to 20 knots. So you only need about one kite in your whole quiver. The Zephyr has a unique design that ensures perfect balance, rotation speed and bar pressure. Suitable for enjoyable cruising, freeriding and hooked freestyle. The Ozone Zephyr is flying at 4 lines and has a strong 5 strut design. Check out the website for the awesome design options of the Ozone Zephyr.

    Ozone kiteboarding technology

    You do not just simply put a good kitesurf kite together. This requires a long design and development process. And a careful choice of materials for the kite canopy and lines. The technology and design possibilities that Ozone has to design its kites are among the best in the market, partly due to the huge range of kite products that Ozone is able to bring to the market every year. Below you can read the technologies Ozone uses to design and produce its kites with the highest possible quality.

    Ozone OZ-CAD Design

    All Ozone kites are designed and developed with the use of Ozone's own highly advanced design CAD software. As a result, Ozone designers are able to work with tailor-made software options with unique shapes and structures that apply to inflatable and foil kites. There is even a part of the Ozone design team dedicated to upgrading and perfecting the CAD design code for the development of new Ozone kites.

    Ozone kiteboarding kite canopy

    Ozone works together with Teijin for the kite canopy used in all Ozone kites. Teijin is the global market leader when it comes to producing strong polyester fabrics that are used in water sports, including kite surfing and sailing. The canpoy used is Teijin Techno Force Double ripstop fabric. This canvas is extremely strong and has proven its durability over the years. In places where the canvas of the kite needs extra strength and stability, such as on the leading edge, struts and wingtips Teijin Dacron is used.

    Ozone own kitesurf factory

    Of course, all the design and technique used in designing a kite comes down to the point when the kite is put together properly. Generally seen this is often outsourced to kite factories of which the brand itself is not the owner and therefore has no 100% control over it. That is different for Ozone. All kite, paraglides and wingsuits from Ozone are made in their own factory. Because of this, Ozone has complete control over the production process and you can assume that all kitesurf kites from Ozone have undergone a lot of quality controsl to meet the quality that Ozone expects from its kitesurf kites.