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Kitemana has all North kites available. The kites of North are for everyone. From big air enthusiast to freestyle kite surfer and dedicated wave rider. The full range of North Orbit, Pulse and Carve is directly with us. If you have questions or can use advice about the kites from North, you can always ask us your questions via telephone, email or WhatsApp. You are also very welcome in our store in The Netherlands. On this page you can see an overview of all North kites. Click here to read more about the North kites.

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Pulse 2020 Kite
Pulse 2020 KiteNorth
Reach 2021 Kite
Reach 2021 KiteNorth
1099.00 €819.00
Orbit 2022 Kite
Orbit 2022 KiteNorth
Reach 2020 Kite
Reach 2020 KiteNorth
Carve 2021 Kite
Carve 2021 KiteNorth
979.00 €629.00
Orbit 2020 Kite
Orbit 2020 KiteNorth
Orbit 2021 Kite
Orbit 2021 KiteNorth
1149.00 €799.00
Pulse 2021 Kite
Pulse 2021 KiteNorth
1149.00 €799.00
Reach 2022 Kite
Reach 2022 KiteNorth
Carve 2020 Kite
Carve 2020 KiteNorth
Carve 2022 Kite
Carve 2022 KiteNorth
Pulse 2022 Kite
Pulse 2022 KiteNorth
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Buy North Kiteboarding kites online

Kites from North kiteboarding can be easily and quickly purchased online from us, Kitemana. We have tested all North kites ourselves, so you can always ask us for advice on which North kite will suit you best. If a size of your favorite North kite or color kite is not available, this is usually arranged within a week so that you can quickly get on the water with your new North kite. On this page you can also read brief information about the North kites and the most important techniques used in the North kites are described. Via the menu below you can quickly navigate to:

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    Buy North kites online

    North has a wide kite assortment for all kite surfers of all levels and all kitesurfing styles. At Kitemana we have all the North kites in stock. We have also tested all North kites ourselves, so you can always ask our advice about which kite or size fits you best. All North kites are described below with a link to the full product description on our website.

    North Orbit kite

    The North Orbit is a kite made to fly through the air and go higher than ever. With the North Orbit, Jesse Richman won the title King of the Air 2020 and Nick Jacobsen took second place. The North Orbit is a fairly fast five-strut kite. Thanks to this five strut profile, the Orbit has a very good high end, so that the Orbit continues to perform no matter how strong the wind gets. You can easily kite upwind with the Orbit. The Orbit is also very suitable for freeride due to its reliable character. The North Orbit is uses 4 lines. . Click here to go to the North Orbit product page.

    North Pulse Kite

    The North Pulse is a playful three-strut kite suitable for versatile freeride and freestyle kite surfers. With the Pulse you quickly turn around and you have nice pop with slack for unhooked freestyle tricks. If you want to learn kiteloops or want to do higher, the Pulse is also a very suitable kite. The Pulse is a fixed for the North freestyle teamriders. The North Pulse is flown on four lines with a bridle system without pulleys. . Click here to read the full description of the North Pulse on the product page.

    North Carve Kite

    For the wave riders there is the North Carve. The Carve works best in the waves. The North Carve is also a great kite for beginners. The Carve has a super good depower, which is nice when you surf the wave but also when you are a beginner. For the waves, the Carve has a good drift and the kite steers quickly to ensure that you can use the Carve optimally when you are surfing a wave. The Carve has three struts and is flown on 4 lines. Attached to the Carve is a bridle system without pulleys for direct steering behavior. . You can read the full product description of the North Carve here.

    North Reach Kite

    De North Reach 2021 is de alleskunner van North kiteboarding. De Reach 2021 is een kite die geschikt is voor alle niveau’s én vaarstijlen. Of je nu wilt hydrofoilen, waveriden, freestylen, kiteloopen of ontspannen wilt freeriden, de Reach 2021 kent geen grenzen: de North Reach 2021 is jouw alles-in-één kite! Hoog springen, upwind performance en een moeiteloze relaunch. Zo zou je de North Reach 2021 in het kort kunnen beschrijven. Dit jaar heeft North de Reach 2021 lichter weten te maken dan zijn voorganger. North heeft gewicht kunnen besparen door een nieuw soort lichtgewicht bladder materiaal te gebruiken. Het gevolg hiervan is dat de Reach 2021 een verbeterde low-end heeft, wat zorgt voor een verbeterde performance van zowel hydrofoil als wave eigenschappen. . You can read the full product description of the North Reach here.

    North Kiteboarding kites technology

    You don't just put a good kite together. This takes a very long design process. When developing and designing a kite surf kite, North uses the latest technologies in the field of airflow, aerodynamics and panel layout of the kite. Below we have described the most important techniques used in the North kites.

    North Profile Transition Panels In the North kites an extra panel canopy has been applied which is attached to the leading edge. The consequence of this extra panel is that the kite has a gradual and smoother profile at the front of the kite. The bulging is, as it were, smoother. As a result, the North kites have a super streamlined shape, so that less turbulence is created and the North kites are therefore super stable in the air and feel solid on the bar.

    North Two-stage Arc Design
    The flattened 2-part bow design of the Norh kites gives the kites a super round arc in the middle of the kite where the power is generated. In the tips, the North kites are a bit more straight for a more dynamic steering feeling. The curve of the bow differs in the different models of kites (Orbit, Pulse, Carve).

    North No pulley Bridle The North bridles are simple, without pulleys. This gives you less wear and the chance of breaking your lines. Because the bridles do not have pulleys you have a good direct feeling with the kite.

    Teijin Techno Force D2 canvas The canopy that is used in the North kites is Teijin D2 ripstop canopy. This kite canopy has proven itself over the years in durability and weight. The canvas is made by Teijin in Japan with the highest possible quality requirements.

    North kiteboarding shop

    Kitemana is an official North kiteboarding shop. With us you are at the right place for all North kitesurf gear such as kites, twin tips, directionals, bars and foils. For questions about the North kitesurf products you can always reach us by phone, email, whatsapp or visit our kitesurf shop.

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