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The French kitesurfing brand F-one kiteboarding has a kitesurfing history that goes far back. F-one has been one of the major players on the kitesurf market since 1994. Over the years, F-one has developed several iconic kites including the F-one Tribal and the current top model of F-one the F-one Bandit. The F-one Bandit is a kite that can no longer be ignored from the current kite range. True kitesurf world athletes such as Liam Whaley and Mitu Monteiro perform at the highest possible kitesurf level with the high-quality kites and kiteboards from F-One. Liam Whaley shows that you can land the most difficult freestyle and wakestyle kitesurf tricks on the F-One C-shape kite, the WTF. Mitu Monteiro, the legend of Cape Verde, surfs the highest waves and does the craziest strapless freestyle action with the legendary F-one Bandit kite. Check here all kitesurf kites from F-one, if you are missing a product or have a questions about one of the kites of F-one you can always reach us by mail, telephone or WhatsApp. Read more. »

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Bandit 2021 Kite
Bandit 2021 KiteF-One
1349.00 €1009.00
Bandit S2 2021 Kite
Bandit S2 2021 KiteF-One
1199.00 €839.00
Bandit 2022 XV Kite
Bandit 2022 XV KiteF-One
Bandit S3 2022 Kite
Bandit S3 2022 KiteF-One
Bullit Kite
Bullit KiteF-One
1325.00 €990.00
HALO V1 Kite
HALO V1 KiteF-One
1599.00 €799.00
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You can order all F-one kites super easy online with us, kitemana. Your F-one kite will be delivered super fast at your doorstep! This way you can quickly get to the water with your newest gear! We have a large stock of F-one kites directly available. If you have a question about one of the F-one kitesurf kites you can always call, email or WhatsApp. Below you can read all about the F-one kites and the techniques used to get F-one kites to perform at the highest level. Navigate quickly to:

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    F-One kitesurfing shop

    In our kitesurf shop, both online and offline, we have a large stock of kites from F-one. The F-one Bandit is one of the best all-round kites on the kitsurf market, which is why the kite collection of F-One consists of fewer kites than most A-quality kitesurf brands. You can always call for advice tailored to your new F-one kitesurf kite. We have tested the kites themselves and can thus fit the best kite on personal preferences.

    F-One kitesurf kite collection

    If you look at the kitesurfing collective of F-one you will notice that there are fewer kites in the collection than other brands. That is because the F-one Bandit is such a good all-round kite which makes for example a specific kite for waveriding redundant. Since 2018 F-one has included a real C-shape kite in the collection. The F-one WTF. This is to offer the freestyle kitesurfers a kite where they can do what they want. The F-One Breeze is there when there is a small breeze and you still want to go on the water. In addition, there is the F-one Furtive, a real speed / hangtime kite for the kiters who like hard boating and high jumping with long hangtime. Below are the kites of F-one briefly described and classified to the matching riding style.

    F-one Bandit kite

    The F-one Bandit is the longest running and most iconic kite from F-one. You can easily recognize the F-one Bandit by its striking and cool color combinations in the canopy, one of the happiest kites on the spot. The F-one Bandit is an all-round delta shape kite suitable for beginners to advanced. And from freestyle kitesurfers to kiters who prefer to kite in the waves all day long. The Bandit was first introduced in 2008 and turned the kitesurf world upside down. The first Delta shape kite. An advantage of this delta shape is that it is very easy to relaunch and has a good depower. The Bandit has average bar pressure and a responsive feeling. That the Bandit can prove everything to the different world-class kite surfers. So you see the F-one Bandit make the sickest loops and mega high jumps with crazy hangtime during the King of the Air in South Africa. But in addition, the F-one Bandit is used regularly by taming Mitu Monteiro on the monster wave in Mauritius. The F-one bandit has three struts and therefore a reasonably lightweight design. You fly the F-one bandit on 4 lines. Everything about the F-one Bandit can be found here

    F-one WTF ?! Kite

    The WTF is the freestyle / wakestyle kite of F-one kiteboarding. The newest kite in the range. Sick C-shape kite to perform at the highest level in the King of the Air and freestyle competition. Because of the C shape kite design the WTF has a lot of slack and pop. This slack and pop make it possible to do technically very difficult kitesurfing tricks. Among othersLiam whaley shows you what you can do with the F-one WTF kite. If you like big kiteloops, then the C-shape F-one WTF is it for you! Because of the shape the kite has an explosive pull and fast steering characteristics so you can pull a quick kiteloop and the WTF can catch you fast enough before you hit the water. The F-one WTF kite has a strong construction through a 5 strut design. The F-one WTF sails on 5 lines including the Linx bar from F-one itself. More information about the F-one WTF kite can be found here

    F-one Breeze Kite

    F-one also helps you during the days with less wind, with the F-one Breeze kite. The F-one Breeze is a kite designed to deal with wind as effectively as possible, perfect for days with little wind. The F-one Breeze is a user-friendly one strut kite. Because of that one strut, the kite is also very lightweight. This makes the low-wind properties of the F-one breeze extremely good. If the wind is going to blow harder that day, the Breeze kite remains very stable. On a foil the F-one Breeze gives you super good control over your speed. Because of the profile of the F-one Breeze kite, the kite is very easy to relaunch.

    F-one Bullit Kite

    The F-one Bullit was developed by F-one in collaboration with Liam Whaley to do nothing but go mega high and pull mega loops with it! A real big air and kiteloop machine for the adrenaline junkies! The idea of the Bullit came from Liam Whaley. He needed a kite that would give him a shot at the title of Red Bull King of the Air. The then existing Bandit and WTF just did not meet his requirements. He needed a kite that could combine the Bandit's big air for the steering speed of the WTF for fat mega loops. After extensive testing and further development, the result is the new F-one Bullit: big air kiteloop machine and potential winner of the Red Bull King of the Air! That the F-one Bullit is really 'dedicated' for big air and kiteloops can be seen from the dimensions of the F-one Bullit. The Bullit is only available in storm sizes: 8, 9 and 10. The Bullit has been designed with three main goals in mind: control, hangtime and kiteloops. More information about the F-one Bullit kite can be found here

    F-one Halo Kite

    If you are looking for a kite that excels in little wind, then the F-One Halo is for you. This light weather Foil kite is an excellent addition to everyone's kite quiver. Because this kite has no tubes that you have to pump up, it is super light and it stays in the air even with the slightest breeze. Nevertheless, F-One has taken the tube kite riders into account when designing the Halo and the F-One Halo V1 feels remarkably stable. Even if you've never hung on a foil kite before, the Halo feels familiar thanks to the intuitive controls. More information about the F-one Bullit kite can be found here

    F-One kitesurfing technology

    To make kites with a quality that you can expect from an A brand like F-one kiteboarding, a number of techniques are required. Every brand has its own techniques, and there is something to say for every technique. Below are some of the techniques that F-one kiteboarding uses to get his kites flying as well as possible.

    F-one Delta C-shape kite technology

    The delta C shape technology is probably the most famous technology of F-one. With the help of this idea / technology, the legendary and to date still best-seller kite from F-one has been developed, the F-one Bandit. The idea is a slightly more friendly C-shape kite with a slightly more open profile and sloping wing tips. This gives the kite a wider wind range and an easy relaunch. Nowadays we see more kitem brands that process the same Delta profile in the design of highly accessible kitesurf kites.

    F-one kitesurf kite canopy

    To make a good kite canopy of the highest quality is of course very important. The kites from F-one are made of Teijin Technoforce Double Ripstop canopy. This Double Ripstop canopy is super strong, stiff and light. Thin wands are woven through the canopy to stop the small cracks from tearing. In addition, these thin but strong wires ensure that the fabric is less elastic over the entire surface. And a less elongated kite fabric creates a kite that retains its ideal riding characteristics for longer In order to give F-one's kites, including the Bandit, an even longer life in addition to the lightweight and strong canvas, F-one has incorporated a Force Frame in a number of models. This strong frame consists of the leading edge, struts and trailingedge. This skeleton is made of extra strong spy dacron to make the vulnerable parts of the kite extra strong.