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Wetsuit - Men

Wetsuits come in many different types and sizes. When you're buying a wetsuit you must pay attention to a few things. Especially the fit and the thickness of the neoprene are very important when you're choosing a new wetsuit. Below you can browse through our men wetsuit collection. A wetsuit for man is characterized by a slightly wider torso and arms and offers some extra space between the legs. We have many wetsuits different brands for any condition and weather type in a wide variety of colors. If you have a question about a menwetsuit, call or email us. Read more »



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Brand 3/2 Backzip 2021 Shorty
Brand 3/2 Backzip 2021 ShortyMystic
Majestic 3/2 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Majestic 3/2 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitMystic
347.60 $248.00
Star 5/3 Backzip 2021 Wetsuit
Star 5/3 Backzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
Majestic 5/3 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit
Majestic 5/3 Frontzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
Star 4/3 Backzip 2021 Wetsuit
Star 4/3 Backzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
Majestic 3/2 Frontzip 2019 Wetsuit
Majestic 3/2 Frontzip 2019 WetsuitMystic
327.68 $148.40
Seafarer Longarm Shorty 3/2 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit
Seafarer Longarm Shorty 3/2 Frontzip 2021 WetsuitManera
Star 5/3 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit
Star 5/3 Frontzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
Fusion 3/2 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Fusion 3/2 Backzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
198.20 $148.40
Marshall 5/3 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit
Marshall 5/3 Frontzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
Brand Longarm Shorty 3/2mm Backzip 2021
Brand Longarm Shorty 3/2mm Backzip 2021Mystic
Raider 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit
Raider 2/2 Shorty WetsuitProlimit
79.67 $59.75
Star 3/2 Backzip 2021 Wetsuit
Star 3/2 Backzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
Star 3/2 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit
Star 3/2 Frontzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
Brand Longarm Shorty 3/2mm Backzip
Brand Longarm Shorty 3/2mm BackzipMystic
108.56 $97.71
Majestic 4/3 Backzip 2021 Wetsuit
Majestic 4/3 Backzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
Brand 3/2 Longarm Shortleg 2021 Backzip
Brand 3/2 Longarm Shortleg 2021 BackzipMystic
Fusion 3/2 Backzip 2021 Wetsuit
Fusion 3/2 Backzip 2021 WetsuitProlimit
Fusion 5/3 Backzip Wetsuit
Fusion 5/3 Backzip WetsuitProlimit
228.08 $198.20
Gravity 4/3 Frontzip Wetsuit
Gravity 4/3 Frontzip WetsuitBrunotti
238.04 $214.24
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Buy Mens Wetsuit Online

At Kitemana we have many different types of men's wetsuits in stock. So there is always a wetsuit for you. A nice steamer for the cold North Sea days. Or a smooth shorty for the beautiful sunny summers. It is always best to drop by at our store to fit your wetsuit but you can also order some wetsuits online and keep the best.

Men's Wetsuit full suit

A full suit wetsuit is a wetsuit with long arms and long sleeves. The men's full suits are available in all kinds of thicknesses: 5/4, 5/3, 4/3 and 3/2. In winter you can wear a nice thick fullsuit and in the summer a somewhat thinner fullsuit protects you from the sun and wind chill while it feels super flexible.

Men's Wetsuit Longarm Shorty

a men's longarm shorty is a wetsuit with short legs and long arms. This is especially nice if the water is already relatively warm but the wind can cool you off. The wind chill on your arms is often bigger on your legs. That's why the longarm shorty is good for some warmer water and a bit of cold air. And that's how you get beautiful tanned legs!

Men's wetsuit shorty

A shorty is a wetsuit with short arms and short legs. If it is nice and warm you can easily kittens in a shorty, even on the North Sea! A shorty feels super free and you also get a nice tan-line. So kitesurfing and getting a nice tan!

Men's wetsuit shortarm

A short arm says it all: a wetsuit with short arms and long legs. Is ideal for cold water and warm air, as is the case in Cape Town. You keep it nice and warm and you get a nice t-shirt tan on your arms.

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