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Kiteboard fins and surfboard fins come in many different types and sizes. Surf fins are always FCS or Futures. We have the original FCS and Futures but also many other brands that work with these techniques like Creatures and Eurofins. For twintip kiteboards, we have our own Kitemana fins! These are fins of the highest quality for the lowest price, these fins fit on all the twintip kiteboards on the market. Except on F-One boards, but we also have fins for those in stock. Want to know more about fins? Read more.



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Kiteboard Vinnen
Kiteboard VinnenBrunotti
$ 29.89
Kiteboard  G10 Fin Set
Kiteboard G10 Fin SetKitemana
$ 49.94
TwinTip Accessory Kit
TwinTip Accessory KitNorth
$ 43.99
FCS Fin Screws and Key
FCS Fin Screws and KeyNorthcore
$ 6.95
Kiteboard G10 Fin
Kiteboard G10 FinKitemana
$ 14.99
AR5 Thruster vinnen
AR5 Thruster vinnenAirush
58.99 $ 29.94
C-Model Fins
C-Model FinsEurofins
$ 23.98
North Hexcel Coremat Finset
North Hexcel Coremat FinsetNorth
$ 74.98
FSCII Tab Infill Kit
FSCII Tab Infill KitFCS Surf
$ 11.95
Unibox Fins
Unibox FinsF-One
$ 19.95
F Series F6 Fins
F Series F6 FinsFutures
$ 98.98
F Series F8 5-fin
F Series F8 5-finFutures
$ 158.96
FCSII Ben Wilson Signature Fin set
FCSII Ben Wilson Signature Fin setFCS Surf
$ 138.97
Junk Drawer Pack
Junk Drawer PackRide Engine
$ 34.89
FCSII Infill Kit
FCSII Infill KitNorth
$ 12.00
Equalizer G10 Fins 48mm
Equalizer G10 Fins 48mmCore Kiteboarding
$ 58.99
DHD Honeycomb Thruster
DHD Honeycomb ThrusterFutures
$ 108.98
F Series F6 5-fin
F Series F6 5-finFutures
$ 138.97
TT Fins 5cm + Grabhandle set
TT Fins 5cm + Grabhandle setNaish
$ 64.99
Single Tab Compatible Fin Box 3x
Single Tab Compatible Fin Box 3xEurofins
$ 20.00
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Which surfboard or kiteboard fin should you buy?

For surfboard fins we have written several blogs. We have a blog about the difference between FCS and Futures fins. You can find this blog here . In addition, we have written a blog about what is the best setup in different circumstances. Do I have to choose two, three, four or five fins? This blog about the fins setup can be found here

For kiteboard twintip fins it is a lot easier but there is a difference, especially the length is important here. A standard kite fin is 50mm and comes with most boards. If you opt for a shorter fin like the 40mm you have less grip and your board is more playful. For wakestyle, even shorter fins of 20mm are often used.
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