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You can find used kites and second hand here at Kitemana. We trade in used kites daily and therefore often have a large and diverse range of used kites. If we trade in a kite, we obviously check it out before we sell it again. You can also assume that the kites are exactly as they are described and displayed on the product photos. If you buy a second hand kite from us, we always ask you to check the kite at home so that we can never get a disagreement later on. If you are not satisfied with the kite at that moment, you can always send it back free of charge!



Kite Maat

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Kite Kleur

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Switchblade 2017 Kite (2nd)
Switchblade 2017 Kite (2nd)Cabrinha
Dice 2019 Kite (2nd)
Dice 2019 Kite (2nd)Duotone Kiteboarding
Dash 2019 Kite (2nd)
Dash 2019 Kite (2nd)Naish
Bandit X 2017 (2nd)
Bandit X 2017 (2nd)F-One
FX 2016 (2nd)
FX 2016 (2nd)Cabrinha
GTS5 Kite (2nd)
GTS5 Kite (2nd)Core Kiteboarding
FX 2019 Kite (2nd)
FX 2019 Kite (2nd)Cabrinha
Drifter 2019 (2nd)
Drifter 2019 (2nd)Cabrinha
Contra 2019 Kite (2nd)
Contra 2019 Kite (2nd)Cabrinha
Switchblade 2018
Switchblade 2018Cabrinha
Rally 2019 kite (2nd)
Rally 2019 kite (2nd)Slingshot
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Buy Used or Second-hand Kitesurf Kites

Buying a used kite is often a long search for a good kite for a good price. And then you do not know in what kind of state the kite is and who you have to pick it up from. The second-hand kites at Kitemana are in good condition and you buy at your trusty kitesurf shop. So you can also go to Kitemana for your second-hand kites. If you have any questions or would like to see your kite before you buy it, you can always come to us, email or call! We are happy to help you!