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Neoprene Accessories - Surf Cap

A surf cap is one of the essential accessories to get through the cold winter. You actually have two types of surf caps: the traditional hood and the beanie. The hood covers your entire head accept your mouth, nose, and eyes. The cap is also the warmest option and they are made between the 1.5mm and 3mm thick neoprene. You can also opt for a hood with an extra long neck piece, so the water never comes directly on your upper body so you stay super warm during your session. The beanie is a neoprene hat which you put on your head and pull over your ears. A beanie is more comfortable than a cap but it's a bit colder tough. Do you find it hard to choose between a beanie or a hoodie? Just call or email us and we will gladly help you out.



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Neo Hood 3/2
Neo Hood 3/2ION
Mercury Neoprene Beanie
Mercury Neoprene BeanieProlimit
Neoprene Hood Collar
Neoprene Hood CollarProlimit
Beanie Neoprene
Beanie NeopreneMystic
Beanie Neoprene 2mm
Beanie Neoprene 2mmMystic
Beanie Neoprene Reflective 2mm
Beanie Neoprene Reflective 2mmMystic
Adjustable Headband
Adjustable HeadbandMystic
Neo Hood 2/1
Neo Hood 2/1ION
Shade Surfhat Floatable
Shade Surfhat FloatableProlimit
Neo Bommel Beanie
Neo Bommel BeanieION
Surf Cap
Surf CapCreatures of Leisure
Polar Beanie
Polar BeanieProlimit
Safety Beanie
Safety BeanieION
Neopreen Winter Set
Neopreen Winter SetProlimit
105.71 $100.92
Neopreen Winter Set Pro
Neopreen Winter Set ProION
198.71 $180.73
Neoprene Winter Set
Neoprene Winter SetMystic
115.91 $110.96
Winter Set Pro
Winter Set ProMystic
194.77 $180.73
Neo Beanie
Neo BeanieBrunotti
Hooded Neo Vest 2/1
Hooded Neo Vest 2/1ION
Neoprene Hood Visor
Neoprene Hood VisorProlimit
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