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Dakine makes accessories for almost all board sports that you can imagine. They also make super good quality kite harnesses. You have different models for men and women. Would you like to try on a harness or see it up close? Then come and visit us in our store. Do you have a question about the harnesses? Then please contact us. Find out more about the Dakine harnesses >>

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Fusion Seat Harness
Fusion Seat HarnessDakine
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Dakine is known for the super comfortable seat harnesses that they have developed. The Fusion seat harness is developed for the men and the Vision for the women. They also have different waist harnesses, the Renegade and the C-1. Below is more information to help you find the perfect harness.

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Dakine Harness Collection


The Renegade harness from Dakine is super comfortable and has a semi-hard shell for great support during kiting. The harness is fairly flexible and has a very light weight. Thanks to the Curv Composite, the pressure of the kite is well distributed, so that you can stand on the water for an extra-long time. The memory foam on the inside ensures that the harness is super comfortable and provides a perfect fit. The harness is perfect for freeride kiters and foilers. Check the Dakine Renegade


The C-1 was one of the first hard shell harnesses to appear on the kite market. It is a high-performance harness that gives a lot of support during kiting. The harness consists of three hard plates with less stiff material between them, so that you still have a lot of freedom of movement without reducing the support. The harness has a perfect fit and is super comfortable due to the memory foam on the inside of the harness.


The Fusion is one of the best-selling seat harnesses from Dakine. The seat harness is super comfortable and has a hard shell for extra support. The pressure of the kite is perfectly distributed thanks to the 8-point fixation system and the Curv Composite shell. The leg straps of the harness are very comfortable The Fusion is perfect for the kiters who like to kite with a seat harness or who quickly suffer from their back. Check hier de Dakine Fusion


The Vision seat harness is specially designed for female kiters. With this seat harness you get maximum control during kiting. It is a super comfortable performance harness with a lot of freedom of movement. The leg straps are super comfortable and ensure that the harness cannot slide up. The pressure of the kite is perfectly distributed by the 8-point fixation system.

Technologies Dakine Harness

Curv Composite

The Curv Composite shell ensures that the pressure of the kite is perfectly distributed over the harness. The shell moves with your body during kiting for a lot of freedom of movement.

8-point fixation system

An 8-point fixation system is used in the seat harnesses. This system ensures that the pressure of the kite is perfectly distributed over the seat harness.

Memory Foam

On the inside of the harnesses is Memory Foam that ensures that you can kite super comfortable. The harness gets a perfect fit and ensures that there is less pressure on your back.

Dakine Spreader Bar

Dakine has two different spreader bars, the Hammerhead and the Maniac. The Hammerhead spreader bar is a standard bar with a fixed hook and is suitable for all kiting styles. The Maniac is a spreader bar for wavekiting. The bar has a loose hook that can move from left to right, so that the harness stays in place and the pressure is distributed perfectly. When choosing the size of your spreader bar you have to take into account the size of your harness. If you have an XS harness an 8 " will fit perfectly, with an S, M or L harness you have to get the 10" bar, and with an XL or XXL harness a 12 "bar fits perfectly.