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Car Accessories

Looking for accessories to transport your kite or surfboards and other gear? Check out this transport page! We sell roof racks, tensioning straps and other accessories for transporting your gear. Also, seat covers and car bags to keep your car clean after a good surf session. Do you have a question about one of these kitesurfing car accessories? Please call or email us. Want to know more about transporting your gear? Read more.






Roofrack System double
Roofrack System doubleMystic
$ 68.04
Car Seat Cover
Car Seat CoverMystic
$ 58.18
Single Waterproof Car Seat Cover
Single Waterproof Car Seat CoverNorthcore
$ 34.46
Seat Cover
Seat CoverBrunotti
$ 44.27
Double Overhead Soft Roofrack
Double Overhead Soft RoofrackNorthcore
$ 63.11
Double Waterproof Car Seat Cover
Double Waterproof Car Seat CoverNorthcore
$ 38.46
Triple Waterproof Rear Car Seat Cover
Triple Waterproof Rear Car Seat CoverNorthcore
$ 38.46
Single Wrap Rax
Single Wrap RaxCreatures of Leisure
55.22 $ 54.18
Roofrack System single
Roofrack System singleMystic
$ 53.25
Car Seat Cover Double
Car Seat Cover DoubleMystic
$ 68.04
Car Kite Bag
Car Kite BagMystic
$ 97.62
Surfboard Tie Downs
Surfboard Tie DownsNorthcore
$ 16.75
Kite Protection Bag
Kite Protection BagMystic
$ 38.46
Tail Gate System
Tail Gate SystemFCS Surf
$ 33.53
Travel Wallet
Travel WalletFCS Surf
$ 23.66
Soft Racks Cam Lock Single
Soft Racks Cam Lock SingleFCS Surf
$ 48.32
Roof Rack Straps
Roof Rack StrapsNP Surf
$ 35.45
Rackstrapset 4,5m
Rackstrapset 4,5mMystic
$ 19.62
Roof Bar Pads
Roof Bar PadsNorthcore
$ 14.78
Tie Downs Premium
Tie Downs PremiumFCS Surf
$ 26.57
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Transporting your kite gear

Some kiters have the luxury to put all their kite gear at the surf club in their own box. But most of us have to transport their gear by car, motor, bicycle or public transport. We sell handy accessories that make transporting your gear a lot easier. Besides that, it's important that you don't damage your gear while transporting. We sell car accessories from brands like Northcore, FCS, Mystic, NP, and C-Skins.

Surfboard roof rack

If you want to transport your surfboards by car, you're going to need a set of handy roof carriers, so you can click your gear onto of your roof. These Roof racks are suitable for most 4-door cars, but there are also surfboard roof racks specially made for 3-door cars. If you have your own metal roof rack on your car, we have special pads that you can clamp around the rack to protect your precious kite/surf gear, once you installed the pads you can put tensioning straps around the boards to make sure they don't anywhere, we got straps from brands like Mystic, Northcore or FCS.

Car seat covers

Going for a downwinder is perhaps the best thing about kitesurfing. Although there is one big downside to downwind surfing - if you are the driver - the whole car is full of sand! For months, you'll find sand between the chairs or the ground. To keep your chairs clean and sand-free, they invented seat covers. These seat covers are made for surfers who like to enter the car while their wetsuit is still wet. These covers protect your car seats from dirt and water stains and keep the car clean.

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