Ride Engine

Ride Engine is a kitesurfing brand that produces super good accessories for kiting. They make one of the best kite harnesses and great boardbags and impact vests. As a kitesurfing brand, Ride Engine is very progressive and always offers a very high quality with everything they produce. We have Ride Engine boardbags, harnesses and other accessories directly available from stock. Do you have a question about Ride Engine or do you want to know more about a Ride Engine product? Call or email us! Read more »



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Metal Fixed Hook 2019 Spreader Bar
Metal Fixed Hook 2019 Spreader BarRide Engine
Prime Shell 2019 Harness
Prime Shell 2019 HarnessRide Engine
289.00 199.00
Metal Slider 2019 Spreader Bar
Metal Slider 2019 Spreader BarRide Engine
Elite Carbon 2019 Harness
Elite Carbon 2019 HarnessRide Engine
389.00 269.00
Hex Core 2018 Trapeze
Hex Core 2018 TrapezeRide Engine
289.00 199.00
Empax Impact Vest
Empax Impact VestRide Engine
Metal Slider Bar
Metal Slider BarRide Engine
59.95 29.95
Metal sliding bar 2017
Metal sliding bar 2017Ride Engine
59.00 39.95
Kite Safety Knife
Kite Safety KnifeRide Engine
Sliding Rope
Sliding RopeRide Engine
Surf Suit Classic Boardbag
Surf Suit Classic BoardbagRide Engine
Tool Pack
Tool PackRide Engine
34.00 29.00
Carbon Slider Bar
Carbon Slider BarRide Engine
Metal Fixed Hook 2017
Metal Fixed Hook 2017Ride Engine
59.00 49.00
Carbon Sliding Bar 2017
Carbon Sliding Bar 2017Ride Engine
Surf Coffin Boardbag
Surf Coffin BoardbagRide Engine
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Ride Engine Kiteboarding

Ride Engine originated in Santa Cruz with a mission to make products that bring us closer to our passion for the sea. Ride Engine focuses on quality, innovation with the environment in mind. Ride Engine was acquired by Slingshot in the summer of 2015 and is now part of it. Partly because of this Ride Engine has been able to grow very fast and a perfect, as they say, not an improved version of a windsurf trapeze, but the first real kite harness.

Ride Engine Development

Ride Engine started with a real water sportsman from Santa Cruz. Coleman Buckley graduated from Biologie in Stanford in 2010, after which he later returned to his hometown of Santa Cruz to reconnect with his roots and to surf.

Buckley had started with the sport kitesurfing and wanted to design his own kite harness, because according to him no harness had the support and quality that he and his friends were looking for. He went to work in his barn himself and tried to develop a new type of kite harness. With the help of his friends, Coleman Buckley has designed a new type of harness with a hard shell. The news of the hard shell harness travelled quickly and Buckley soon did not manage to meet the demand for this Hard-Shell harness.

When Buckley teamed up with sports company 7 Nations in the autumn of 2014, Ride Engine was able to think further and manufacture new products at a higher pace. In 2015 Ride Engine is the first kitesurf brand to launch three models of hard-shell harnesses and later also a wetsuit line.

Ride Engine always tries to work with the best and the more the company develops, the better the products are the brand delivers. Ride Engine works with top athletes to be able to test the products thoroughly and to help kiters with what makes them happy. It was the first brand that made harnesses with a completely hard shell. Now we see that other brands are following this trend.

Ride Engine Buy Kitesurf Accessories

At Kitemana you can order Ride Engine harnesses, boardbags, foils and other accessories online. Do you have a question about Ride Engine or do you want to know more about Ride Engine gear? Call or email us!