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Neoprene Accessories - Thermo

Neoprene thermo clothes can be worn under or above the wetsuit and make sure that you will have a nice and warm kitesurf session. The vests and shirts which you can wear underneath your wetsuit are between 1mm and 3mm thick and some even have a cap attached to it. There are also sweats and jackets which go over your wetsuit. Jackets and sweaters are really nice after a long kitesurf session, so you won't cool down so fast on the beach. Neoprene sweaters or jackets are also ideal when you're a kitesurf instructor. Read more »



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Star Sweat 2mm 2022
Star Sweat 2mm 2022Mystic
Ocean Jacket 2021
Ocean Jacket 2021Mystic
Innersystem 1st Layer Top Hooded vest
Innersystem 1st Layer Top Hooded vestProlimit
Neoprene Vest L/S 2021 Frontzip
Neoprene Vest L/S 2021 FrontzipMystic
Predator Neoprene Hoodie
Predator Neoprene HoodieProlimit
Battle Jacket 2021 Unisex
Battle Jacket 2021 UnisexMystic
Bipoly L/S Thermal Top Women
Bipoly L/S Thermal Top WomenMystic
Chiller Hooded L/S Rashvest Loosefit
Chiller Hooded L/S Rashvest LoosefitMystic
Flare Neopreen Hoodie Womens
Flare Neopreen Hoodie WomensProlimit
Hooded Neo 3/2 2020 Vest
Hooded Neo 3/2 2020 VestION
Hooded Neo Vest 2/1
Hooded Neo Vest 2/1ION
Hydrogen Action Jacket
Hydrogen Action JacketProlimit
Innersystem Chillvest Hooded
Innersystem Chillvest HoodedProlimit
Innersystem Chillvest Xtreme
Innersystem Chillvest XtremeProlimit
Neo Hooded Sweat
Neo Hooded SweatBrunotti
Radiance Jacket
Radiance JacketBrunotti
Voltage Sweat 2022
Voltage Sweat 2022Mystic
Wind Barrier Kite
Wind Barrier KiteMystic
Boxers Quickdry
Boxers QuickdryMystic
Neo Hoody
Neo HoodyION
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Neoprene Thermo Layers

An extra thermo layer under your wetsuit can give you that extra warmth which you need in the winter. There also thermal layers with cap for extra heat. In addition, there are big neoprene jackets for over your wetsuit. Mystic calls that a battle jacket. These jackets ensure that you stay warm when you walk along the side. But of course you can also wear them when you go kitesurfing. Often there is a special hole in the jacket / sweater over your wetsuit to do your trapeze hook through. We sell thermo layer of Mystic, Brunotti, NP and more!