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Reedin Kiteboarding

The new brand Reedin Kites was founded by the two legends of the sport Kevin Langeree and Damien Girardin. Kevin is the virtuoso all-rounder kitesurfer and big air champion and Damien is the design genius who played a leading role in bringing some of the best products on the market to life. Together they aim to push the sport beyond known limits with Reedin Kites and create 'the perfect kite gear´ for all disciplines. Find out everything about the Reedin Kiteboarding brand below and check out the new products at Kitemana first! Are you not sure yet or have any further questions? Call us, write us an email or WhatsApp and we will be happy to help you! Read more about Reedin Kiteboarding



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Pigtail Connector Set
Pigtail Connector SetReedin Kiteboarding
DreamStick X 2022 Bar
DreamStick X 2022 BarReedin Kiteboarding
Super Binding 2022
Super Binding 2022Reedin Kiteboarding
Super Pump
Super PumpReedin Kiteboarding
Super Model V3 + Super E Kitesurf Set
Super Model V3 + Super E Kitesurf SetReedin Kiteboarding
2626.00 €1979.00
Depower line and Flagging line with PU Cover
Depower line and Flagging line with PU CoverReedin Kiteboarding
Dream Stick 2021 Bar
Dream Stick 2021 BarReedin Kiteboarding
549.00 €399.00
Flagging line (line only)
Flagging line (line only)Reedin Kiteboarding
Flying Line Set 22+2m
Flying Line Set 22+2mReedin Kiteboarding
KevPro 2021 Kiteboard
KevPro 2021 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
769.00 €579.00
Short Safety Leash
Short Safety LeashReedin Kiteboarding
Super Binding 3
Super Binding 3Reedin Kiteboarding
Super E 2022 Kiteboard
Super E 2022 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
Super Model V3 2022 Kite
Super Model V3 2022 KiteReedin Kiteboarding
Feather Kite Foilboard
Feather Kite FoilboardReedin Kiteboarding
KevPro 2020 Kiteboard B-Stock
KevPro 2020 Kiteboard B-StockReedin Kiteboarding
KevPro 2022 Kiteboard
KevPro 2022 KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
Long Leash
Long LeashReedin Kiteboarding
No Brainer Kiteboard
No Brainer KiteboardReedin Kiteboarding
1149.00 €799.00
No Brainer V2 Surfboard
No Brainer V2 SurfboardReedin Kiteboarding
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At Reedin it is their mission to fly faster, jump higher and redefine all the possibilities of kitesurfing. Reedin is committed to provide you with the best kitesurfing experience. They manage to do this by creating high end kitesurfing equipment designed and tested by legendary kitesurf designer Damien Girardin and kitesurfing legend Kevin Langeree. ‘It’s time to go beyond anything that has been done before, it’s time to fly Reedin. Do you want to buy Reedin Kites gear and be one of the first to fly it? Or are you here to get all information about Reedin Kiteboarding and to have a look at the full range of gear? At Kitemana we are the first to offer all products and all information for you about Reedin Kites.

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    The new brand Reedin Kites

    Reedin Kites was founded in January 2020 by two legends in kite sport: Kevin Langeree and Damien Girardin. Kevin is an amazing all-rounder across all disciplines and the star of big air scene. Damien is the design genius and has driven the entire industry forward with his designs and innovations.
    The two have worked together before for many years and therefore are a well-rehearsed team already. They have set themselves the goal of creating `the perfect kite gear. The brand is still young and small and they want to grow organically without pressure from big investors ... because Kevin and Damien are in for the pure passion of kitesurfing. They will start small at the beginning, but will be able to offer a complete range of gear: a kite and a bar, a twin tip and a directional surfboard.

    Kevin Langeree

    Kevin is a kite legend and the face of the brand Reedin Kites. He has been at the forefront of kiting for 20 years. He is a master in all disciplines – from kitesurfing Jaws or Dungeons to kite-foiling to boosting to unforeseen heights. Big air is clearly his main passion. His most important success on the water includes three titles as Red Bull King Of The Air in 2014, 2018 and 2019. His style of riding is always technically extremely clean and controlled, he makes every jump look easy and gets off the water after his heats at King Of The Air with dry hair.

    Damien Girardin

    Damien has been active behind the scenes for just as long and has a huge bag of experience. As a brand manager and kite designer, he not only influenced the Naish brand, but also drove the entire industry with his innovations. Damien played a key role on the development of the iconic Pivot, created the Apex binding, which accounts as one of the best bindings on the market, and launched a new sport through his creation of the Wingsurfer wing. Now at Reedin Kites he can fully unfold and create what Kevin and he thinks makes `the perfect kite gear´.

    Buy Reedin Supermodel Kite

    In the first year Reedin will come with one all-round kite called: the Supermodel . A kite suitable for beginners and pros for the big air fan, freestyle king and wave riders. The emphasis with the first Reedin kite, The Super Model, is on reliability, stability and smooth power. The Reedin Supermodel is a kite with three struts and wide wing tips. This will give the Supermodel a good hang time, with a lot of hang time and steering speed. Ideal for big air and kiteloops. The Supermodel will have a white, black and red design.
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    Reedin Dream Stick kitesurf bar

    The Reedin bar looks like a normal four-line bar with EVA foam floaters. With a red, black and white color design. It is one of the lightest and thinnest kitesurf bars on the market. The diameter is only 2.1 cm. The depower works with a clam cleat system. The quick release uses an easy push-away system and reloading can easily be done with one hand by clicking the chicken loop in the QR. The chicken loop that Kevin uses is a normal size. Above the chicken loop we see a swivel system that can turn the power lines apart. The system works super smoothly due to the two depower lines that run through the bar separately.
  • Click here to go to the Reedin Dream Stick.

    Reedin Twintip

    We have seen two twintip prototypes so far – one in all white and one in all black. We can´t predict the final design, however technical features seemed similar. The board has a common twintip shape with a medium rocker line and squared off tips. The underwater body has a single concave with small channels towards the tips two rails close to the edges. On top, the board comes with an X-frame to save weight, to provide stiffness in the center of the board and flex towards the tips. The bindings come all in white with a double-Velcro-strap. The mesh is red and white and adds a nice colorful highlight.

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