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Welcome to the wave kites section of our Kitemana Online Kitesurf Shop! For many kite surfers, there is no better way to feel the ultimate freedom when riding waves with a wave kite and a surfboard. At Kitemana you will find wave kites from different brands such as Airush, Cabrinha, Core Kiteboarding, Duotone Kiteboarding, F-One, Ozone, North, Naish and Slingshot. Regardless of whether you are a pure wave specialist or wave all-rounder who also likes strapless freestyle, foiling or freeriding - we offer a wide selection of kites and are happy to give you advise. With our fast shipping you will get on the water faster! You can also find more information at the end of this page. More »



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Carve 2021 Kite
Carve 2021 KiteNorth
979.00 €629.00
Bandit S2 2021 Kite
Bandit S2 2021 KiteF-One
1199.00 €839.00
Drifter 2021 Kite
Drifter 2021 KiteCabrinha
1149.00 €799.00
Bandit S3 2022 Kite
Bandit S3 2022 KiteF-One
Carve 2022 Kite
Carve 2022 KiteNorth
Drifter 2022 Kite
Drifter 2022 KiteCabrinha
Neo 2021 Kite
Neo 2021 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
1439.00 €1079.00
Neo 2022 Kite
Neo 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Neo SLS 2022 Kite
Neo SLS 2022 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding
Reo V5 Kite
Reo V5 KiteOzone
1435.00 €1069.00
Reo V6 2022 Kite
Reo V6 2022 KiteOzone
Section 4 Kite
Section 4 KiteCore Kiteboarding
Session 2022 Kite
Session 2022 KiteAirush
Slash 2022 S26 Kite
Slash 2022 S26 KiteNaish
1159.00 €869.00
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Welcome to the Kitemana Q&A regarding wave kites. If you are looking for a wave kite, you have come to the right place. Here we answer the most common questions about wave kites that are asked again and again. Feel free to read the questions and answers below, but please don't hesitate to contact us! Our English-speaking customer service is always available and will always be happy to help you with their expert knowledge!

Which size should I choose for my wave kite?
Which characteristics should a wave kite have?
Are wave kites good for beginners?
Are wave kites also suitable for freeriding?
Do I need a special bar for a wave kite?
Can I jump with a wave kite?
Which wave kite brands does Kitemana stock?
Are wave kites suitable for foil kiting?
Are wave kites suitable for strapless freestyle?
Why is a quick relaunch important for wave kites?

Which size should I choose for my wave kite?

Of course, the right size for a wave kite also depends on your weight and wind strength. The heavier you are or the weaker the wind, the bigger your wave kite should be. However, you should always choose a wave kite that is slightly smaller than usual, as you ride a directional kiteboard in the wave and not a twintip, which has more buoyancy. You also want to fly a smaller kite so that you can make quick turns in the wave and are not overpowered. As soon as you are in the wave, you don't want that the kite pulls you off your surfboard or out of the wave when it is depowered.

What properties should a wave kite have?

A good drift is essential for a wave kite, so that if you ride the wave without the power of the kite, the kite drifts along without stalling. It is also important that your wave kite turns quickly, so that your wave kite can keep up in fast turns. For these two properties, it is an advantage if your wave kite has a rather low weight so that it is agile and dynamic.
A very good depower is also important for a wave kite, so that you can „switch off“ the kite in the wave as much as possible. The kite should still be easy to control when depowered. The bar forces of your wave kite are ideally rather low to enable easy and dynamic steering.
In addition, it should be possible to relaunch your wave kite quickly and easily so that if you drop it, you can restart it quickly before it gets washed by the next wave. You should also choose a robust kite so that your wave kite can withstand being washed in the wave.
Last but not least, a wave kite should have good upwind properties so that you can easily go upwind again after riding the wave.

Are wave kites suitable for beginners?

Typical characteristics of a wave kites such as a good relaunch and depower, are very useful for kite beginners. In addition, wave kites usually release their power more lineal and softer, which is particularly advantageous for lighter kitesurf beginners.

Are wave kites also suitable for freeriding?

Wave kites are suitable for freeriding as well – especially for light weight riders. You can cruise on your wave kite, especially in light wind. Due to its lower weight, a wave kite usually starts flying quite early, which is why it is ideal for light wind sessions. If you want to jump and go big, a wave kite will not offer a lot of lift and hangtime. A classic wave kite generates less lift than freeride kites. There are now good all-round kites from several brands that are well suited for both pure wave kiting and freeriding.

Do I need a special bar for a wave kite?

Usually, it makes sense to use a bar and a kite from the same kite brand. There are also special chicken loops for wave kiting, which you can only use in combination with a rope slider harness. This offers you maximum freedom in the wave. For classic harness hooks you should use a small freeride chicken loop so that you can use as much depower as possible.

Can I jump with a wave kite?

The typical characteristics of a wave kite such as a linear and softer power release contradict the properties of a kite that you need for high jumps and a lot of lift. You can also jump with a wave kite, but with freeride kites you will be able to jump higher and you will have more hang time.

Which wave kite brands does Kitemana stock?

At Kitemana you can get wave kites from the following brands. Click on the respective link to learn more about the brand. Airush: BY INNOVATORS FOR INNOVATORS
Duotone Kiteboarding: TRUE KITEBOARDING.

Are wave kites suitable for foil kiting?

Wave kites are usually very suitable for foil kiting, as their good low-end means they can be used early in little wind. The high agility and good depower, as well as the lower bar forces and the good drift make wave kites very well suitable for foiling.

Are wave kites suitable for strapless freestyle?

Wave kites with good all-round properties are ideal for strapless freestyle tricks. Basically, wave kites are more suitable for strapless freestyle than, for example, freestyle or freeride kites, since jumping with a directional surfboard is very different from the take-offs with a twintip. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you find the perfect kite!

Why is a quick relaunch important for wave kites?

If you drop your wave kite in the wave, you should be able to start it again quickly so that it is not eaten and washed by the next wave. Because this is not only unhealthy for your kite, but in big waves this situation can quickly become uncomfortable for you as well.