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Wetsuit Prolimit

Prolimit is a Dutch kitesurfing accessories brand that makes high-quality kitesurf wetsuits for a very wide group of kiters. The Prolimit wetsuits are warm, durable and very flexible. Especially in the high range, the Prolimit wetsuits are one of the best of its kind. These wetsuits are tested in the roughest conditions, to offer you years of kiteboarding fun. Want to know more about a Prolimit wetsuit or do you have a question about Prolimit wetsuits? Call or email us! Lees meer »

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Black Witch Neoprene Adhesive
Black Witch Neoprene AdhesiveProlimit
$ 9.76
Mercury TR HW 6/4 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Mercury TR HW 6/4 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
442.61 $ 284.89
Mercury 5/3 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Mercury 5/3 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
345.01 $ 245.46
Mercury TR 6/4 Frontzip Hooded 2020 Wetsuit
Mercury TR 6/4 Frontzip Hooded 2020 WetsuitProlimit
452.47 $ 294.74
Grommet Steamer 5/3
Grommet Steamer 5/3Prolimit
186.31 $ 146.88
Mercury 3/2 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Mercury 3/2 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
$ 324.32
Raider 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit
Raider 2/2 Shorty WetsuitProlimit
78.85 $ 59.14
Mercury 6/4 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Mercury 6/4 Backzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
$ 353.89
Wetsuit bag
Wetsuit bagProlimit
$ 27.55
Predator FWB 5/3 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Predator FWB 5/3 Backzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
$ 245.46
Fusion 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit
Fusion 2/2 Shorty WetsuitProlimit
98.57 $ 59.10
PF-1 6/4 Natureprene Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
PF-1 6/4 Natureprene Frontzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
$ 393.32
Fusion 3/2 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Fusion 3/2 Backzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
196.17 $ 146.88
Fusion 3/2 Frontzip 2019 Wetsuit
Fusion 3/2 Frontzip 2019 WetsuitProlimit
$ 186.31
Mercury TR 6/4 Frontzip Wetsuit
Mercury TR 6/4 Frontzip WetsuitProlimit
$ 383.46
Mercury 4/3 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Mercury 4/3 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
$ 334.17
Mercury 6/4 Frontzip Wetsuit
Mercury 6/4 Frontzip WetsuitProlimit
$ 344.03
Vapor Free-X 6/4 PS Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Vapor Free-X 6/4 PS Frontzip 2020 WetsuitProlimit
$ 442.61
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Buy Prolimit Wetsuit Online

The wetsuits from Prolmit are built with the highest quality. Suitable for all water sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing and wave surfing. Both with Prolimit front zip and backzip. They keep you super nice and warm and feel like a second skin. The Prolimit neoprene is of super high quality and extremely flexible. Different techniques are used to keep the wetsuits as flexible, warm and comfortable as possible.

1. Prolimit Wetsuit Collection
2. Technologies Prolimit Wetsuits

Prolimit Wetsuit Collection

Prolimit has a very wide range of wetsuits in the range. Kitemana has the most wetsuits available directly from stock. The brand makes Shorty, Shortleg and Steamer wetsuits so you can choose a suitable wetsuit for all seasons. Below we first present a number of models of wetsuits from the Prolimit collection.

Prolimit Mercury Wetsuit

At the top of the Prolimit range we find the Mercury. This wetsuit is one of the warmest wetsuits of this moment. This is due in part to a highly insulating Thermal Rebound neoprene layer, which acts as an heat blanket. We currently sell Mercury Wetsuits that are 6 / 4mm thick, that means you are able to ride in the winter in the harshest conditions. The Prolimit Mercury is available with a zipper on the front and back. We recommend choosing the front zipper if you want the warmest and most watertight connection.

Prolimit Raider Wetsuit

Do you want to benefit from the quality of Prolimit, but is the Mercury just above your budget? Then check out this Prolimit Raider wetsuit. The Raider is a fairly basic wetsuit with a mesh chest and back panel. This is one of the warmest types of neoprene on the market so you are well protected against wind and cold water. The Raider has the so-called Airflex neoprene. This neoprene is very flexible and can stretch to as much as 350%. Because of this, the wetsuit really connects like a second skin and after a while you hardly notice that you have a wetsuit on.

Prolimit Style Wetsuit

The Prolimit Style is one of the cheapest wetsuits out there. With the Style you get a lot of value for your money. The Style is a backzip wetsuit with 5mm neoprene on the chest and 3mm on the arms. This keeps the suit nice and flexible and you get enough space to move. The seams of the wetsuit are stitched and glued. This connection is very strong and ensures that your suit lasts for years. This wetsuit is very suitable for beginning kitesurfers who do not want to spend too much on their first wetsuit.

Technologies Prolimit Wetsuits

Prolimit does everything to stay ahead of its time and by producing with the latest technologies. Different types of neoprene all have their own function. You have high-quality limestone neoprene for extra flexibility. Power teams ensure waterproof seams and Thermal Rebound for an extra insulating layer on the inside of your Prolimit wetsuit.

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