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Wetsuit Prolimit

Prolimit is a Dutch kitesurfing accessories brand that makes high-quality kitesurf wetsuits for a very wide group of kiters. The Prolimit wetsuits are warm, durable and very flexible. Especially in the high range, the Prolimit wetsuits are one of the best of its kind. These wetsuits are tested in the roughest conditions, to offer you years of kiteboarding fun. Want to know more about a Prolimit wetsuit or do you have a question about Prolimit wetsuits? Call or email us! Read more»

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Intro Wetsuit Prolimit

Prolimit is a Dutch kitesurfing accessories brand that makes high-quality kitesurf wetsuits for a very wide group of kiters. The Prolimit wetsuits are warm, durable and very flexible. Especially in the high range, the Prolimit wetsuits are one of the best of its kind. These wetsuits are tested in the roughest conditions, to offer you years of kiteboarding fun. Want to know more about a Prolimit wetsuit or do you have a question about Prolimit wetsuits? Call or email us! Read more»

Prolimit Wetsuits at Kitemana

Prolimit wetsuits are wetsuits of the highest quality. Prolimit is a Dutch brand that has wetsuits in its range for every kitesurfer. The wetsuits are suitable for all watersports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and wave surfing and guarantee maximum warmth, flex and comfort. They keep you super nice and warm and feel like a second skin. The Prolimit neoprene is of super high quality and extremely flexible. Various techniques have been incorporated into the Prolimit wetsuits to keep the wetsuits as flexible, warm and comfortable as possible. You can buy a Prolimit wetsuit easily and quickly via Kitemana. We at Kitemana have the largest stock of Prolimit wetsuits available directly from stock. For the correct size you can use the size charts or call us for personal advice. For additional information about Prolimit wetsuits, please visit our website or contact us. We are happy to help you purchase your ideal Prolimit wetsuit.

Prolimit Men's Wetsuit collection

Prolimit has managed to build up a wide range of wetsuits over the years. Prolimit has all thicknesses, fullsuits, shorties, frontzips, backzips and even zipless wetsuits! Kitemana has most wetsuits available directly from stock. It doesn't matter what your level is or what you want to do in the water, Prolimit has a suitable wetsuit for you. A number of wetsuit models from the Prolimit collection are briefly explained below.

Prolimit Vapor Wetsuit
The Vapor Steamer is the ultimate wetsuit from Prolimit. Never suffer from the cold again and optimal insulation through technical features. The wetsuit is made of a new generation of neoprene, V4X fabric. This type of neoprene has a unique appearance and is truly pleasing to the eye. Naturally, this type of neoprene has even better stretch, provides even more warmth and is even more durable. If you are looking for the warmest of the warmest, then the Vapor is perfect for you.

Prolimit Mercury Wetsuit
The warmest wetsuit after the Prolimit Vapor is the Mercury. After the Vapor, this wetsuit is one of the warmest wetsuits available at the moment and therefore has the best features and materials. This is partly due to a highly insulating Thermal Rebound neoprene layer, which acts as a kind of insulation blanket. We currently sell Mercury Wetsuits that are no less than 6/4mm thick, which means enough insulation to be able to ride all winter long in the coldest conditions. The prolimit Mercury is available with a zipper at the front and back.

Prolimit Predator Wetsuit
The Prolimit Predator comes after the Mercury in terms of heat and technical features. The Predator is made of Airflex 550+ limestone neoprene, which has the best warmth and flex ratio available today. With an inner lining of Zodiac Plush, the wetsuit insulates sufficiently while the wetsuit dries a lot faster. With triple glued seams that are closed with a rubber seal, this is a wetsuit that guarantees a long lifespan! The Predator is available in 6/4 hooded to 4/3. Double front zip, back zip or single front zip, Prolimit has them all in its range.

Prolimit Fusion
The Prolimit Fusion is a reasonably priced wetsuit. Despite its price, the wetsuit has high performance materials such as windchill panels, a Zodiac Plush inner lining, GBS seams and the flexible Airflex 500 limestone neoprene. If you are looking for a reasonably priced wetsuit with great features, then the Fusion is perfect for you.

Prolimit PF2
The Prolimit PF2 is one of the few FSC-approved wetsuits on the market. FSC means that the wetsuit meets certain environmentally friendly standards. The wetsuit is made of environmentally friendly Natureprene neoprene that is 20% lighter and 20% more stretch. The glue used in the wetsuit is water-based and prevents latex allergies. The PF2 is available in different thicknesses such as 6/4, 5/3 and versions such as a backzip and frontzip.

Prolimit Dames Wetsuit cllectie

Prolimit Oxygen Wetsuit
The Prolimit Oxygen is the warmest wetsuit within the Prolimit wetsuit line. The Oxygen uses Thermal Rebound (TR) technology, an extra layer between the neoprene that insulates your body heat very well. Thanks to the Neo Light heather 550+ and limestone neoprene, the Neo is very flexible and maintains freedom of movement. All seams are extra taped to prevent water penetration and optimize the lifespan of the seams. The Oxygen is specially designed for women and is available in a 6/4 and 5/3 version with front or back zip.

Prolimit Flare Wetsuit
The Flare comes after the Oxygen in terms of warmth and is made of Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene, for maximum flexibility and warmth. The inner lining of the Prolimit Flare is covered with Zodiac2 fleece which provides extra insulation. This fleece insulates like no other and also has quick-drying properties, so you will have a dry wetsuit for the next session. The neoprene panels are GBS stitched, where the neoprene panels are first glued and then blind stitched. The glue used in the wetsuit is water-based to prevent latex allergies. The Flare is available in 6/4 to 4/3 with front zip or back zip.

Prolimit Fire Wetsuit
The Prolimit Fire is a mid-performance wetsuit especially for women. The Fire is made from 500+ and 350+ Airflex neoprene that is based on limestone instead of crude oil. This makes the wetsuit flexible in every respect, super warm and also environmentally friendly! The inner lining is covered with Zodiac2 lining, a thermal fleece for extra insulation and therefore warmth. It also ensures that your wetsuit dries faster. All seams are GBS stitched for strong, waterproof seams. The Fire is available in 5/3 and 4/3 mm versions with front or back zip. Prolimit also makes the Fire in longarm shorty and shorty variants.

Prolimit Edge Wetsuit
The Prolimit Edge is a somewhat basic wetsuit and is therefore very competitively priced. The wetsuit is made of Airflex 300+ limestone neoprene. Limestone neoprene is warm, flexible and very comfortable. The wetsuit is specially designed for women, so that the wetsuit fits perfectly around the body and feels like a second skin. The flatlock seams ensure a very strong connection, but allow slightly more water to pass through compared to GBS seams. The Prolimit Edge is available in thicknesses from 5/3 to 2/2. Full suit or shorty, Prolimit has it available.

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Men's wetsuits Women's wetsuits Neopreen accessories

Prolimit neoprene accessories

Nature Prene
Nature Prene is an environmentally friendly type of neoprene that is used, among other things, in Prolimit's PF wetsuits. Nature Prene is a vegetable rubber from FCS approved sources. The neoprene is laminated with polyester and lined with a lining made from recycled PET bottles. Laminating is done with water-based glue. This type of neoprene is not only environmentally friendly, but also provides 20% more stretch and is 20% lighter.

V4X fabric
V4X is a new generation of neoprene and can be found in Prolimit's Vapor wetsuits. V4X is not only a pleasure for the eyes, but thanks to its incredible stretch properties it also ensures maximum comfort. When combined with the Airflex2 liner and Zodiac2 liner, V4X neoprene delivers unbeatable stretch, warmth and durability. V4X fabric is only used in Prolimit's most high-end wetsuits.

Airflex Limestone neoprene
Prolimit uses three different Airflex neoprene in its wetsuit: 300+, 500+ and 550+. Each type has its own amount of stretch. The Airflex neoprene is made of limestone and thanks to Prolimit's unique formula, the stretch can be determined.

Down Airflex
Down Airflex is used with the Prolimit Predator and the Prolimit Flare wetsuits. Down Airflex is a water-repellent material that feels incredibly flexible and comfortable.

Neolight heather 550+
Neolight heather is a luxurious neoprene used in the Prolimit Mercury and Prolimit Oxygen wetsuits. Neolight heather 550+ provides a beautiful appearance and is combined with Prolimit's unique thermal rebound lining.

Thermal Rebound
Thermal Rebound is an extra layer between the neoprene and the inner lining. Thermal Rebound reflects your body temperature and thus keeps the temperature in the wetsuit high.

Zodiac2 liner
Zodiac2 lining can be recognized by the purple Z shape on the inside of the wetsuit. The fleece is layered with a thermal fleece for extra warmth and comfort. The fleece absorbs water from the skin and provides maximum comfort.

Prolimit neopreen accessoires

As you may have already realized, Prolimit makes wetsuits of the highest quality. Prolimit uses the latest technologies and features to increase the fun during your session. In addition to wetsuits, Prolimit also has a wide range of neoprene accessories. Prolimit has neoprene gloves, neoprene shoes, caps, vests and much more in its range to help you get through the cold days. The neoprene accessories are available in different thicknesses and designs. If you have any questions about the different options, please contact us via Whatsapp, telephone, email or visit our store in Noordwijk. We have a wide range of Prolimit neoprene accessories that are directly available from our stock. If the Prolimit product you are looking for is not in stock, we can often order it from the supplier.

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