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A kite boot is the big brother of a pad & strap. They provide perfect grip, high-speed control, and good shock absorption. Kite boots are usually used by wakestyle / freestyle kiters to provide them with sophisticated control while performing the most complicated tricks. One minor drawback is a crash, which can be quite hard because your board stays on your feet. In addition, your board is slightly heavier due to the extra weight of the boots. Nevertheless, the great pop and control you get are the main reasons to choose for boots. We have kite boots from North, Cabrinha. Do you have a question about kite boots? Please call or email us. Read more »



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Fix Boots 2021
Fix Boots 2021North
399.00 €299.00
Fix Boots
Fix BootsNorth
399.00 €259.00
Fix Boots 2022
Fix Boots 2022North
H3 2020 Kite Boots
H3 2020 Kite BootsCabrinha
449.00 €399.00
Vice 2021 Kite Boots
Vice 2021 Kite BootsMystic
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Buy Kitesurf Boots

Kitesurf boots will give you the most grip and control of all the bindings that are available. With boots you will jump the highest and pop the hardest, because you can ride super hard with a lot of control. In short, if you want to get as extreme as possible, you need boots. It can also be nice to ride on boots if you do not want to bodydraggen to your board anymore. Kitemana sells boots from North, Cabrinha and Airush for super low prices!