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Core kites belong to among the best kitesurf kites on the market. The Core kites can be recognized by the awesome white, black and yellow design. For every kitesurfing level there is a suitable Core kitesurf kite. Every kitesurfing style is served by Core with a perfectly tuned Core kite. For example, there is the already legendary Core XR5 for Big Air. Are you more into kiteloops? Then Core has the 'kiteloop machine' GTS5 for you. Also suitable for wave and freestyle. The Impact and Sector are 100% wakestyle and 100% surf kites. The all-round Core Nexus is for everyone. Do you have questions about the kites of Core Kiteboarding or is your kite not listed at this page? Ask your question via email, telephone or WhatsApp. Or read more about Core kites.»

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XR7 Kite
XR7 KiteCore Kiteboarding
Nexus 3 Kite
Nexus 3 KiteCore Kiteboarding
Nexus 2 Kite (DEMO)
Nexus 2 Kite (DEMO)Core Kiteboarding
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GTS6 Kite
GTS6 KiteCore Kiteboarding
Impact 2 Kite
Impact 2 KiteCore Kiteboarding
Section 4 Kite
Section 4 KiteCore Kiteboarding
XLITE2 2022 Kite
XLITE2 2022 KiteCore Kiteboarding
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If you are looking for kites from Core kiteboarding then you have ended up on the right page. On this page you can find our selection of Core kites. If your favorite Core kite is not on this page, please contact us and we'll make sure you have your favorite kite quickly. We have a large stock of Core kites immediately available so usually you will have your Core kite the next day. We understand that choosing a good kite is difficult. That is why we have made a short description of all Core kites with the associated kitesurfing style, kitesurfing level and a link to the full description of the Core kite. You can also read at the bottom of the page which techniques Core uses to make kites of the very best quality. With the following menu you can quickly navigate to:

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    Core kiteboarding kitesurf kites

    The kitesurfing range of Core easier to understand most kitesurf brands. Roughly speaking, Core has three kitesurfing lines: the Universal +, Specialized and LightWind. The Universal + series are the most sold kites: Core XR, GTS and Nexus. These kites excel in an all-round character, each with its own specialism. Then you have the Specialized series. This series consists of two kites the Impact for wakestyle and Sector for wave riding. The LightWind series is for days with little wind and are the larger sizes of the kites from the other series. The Core kites are briefly described below with a link to the detailed product description

    Core XR kitesurf kite

    The Core XR is a high performance freeride and freestyle kite. The XR is also seen as the king of the Big Air within the kitesurfing world. The XR lets you fly like no other kite can. The Core XR has a delta / bow shape, this is one of the reasons that the Core XR can jump as well and has a large wind range. The 5-strut design and the use of strong canopy has ensured that the Core XR is a kite that is very resistant to impact. You fly the Core XR on a 4-line bar with a high split of the power lines. The Core XR is suited for beginner to pro level kitesurfers. The full description of the Core XR kite can be found here.

    Core GTS kitesurf kite

    The Core GTS is known as a kiteloop machine and freestyle ninja. An all-round freeride freestyle kite specializing in freestyle and kiteloops. King of the Air participants such as Steven Akkersdijk swear by the Core GTS. The GTS is also a star in the unhooked style of kitesurfing. The Core GTS has a developed 'Future' C shape with three struts. The shape ensures fast and direct steering behavior. The Core GTS is a kite suitable for the advanced to pro kitesurfer. Like all other Core kites, you fly the GTS on four lines with a high split of the power lines. Check here all information about the Core GTS kite.

    Core Nexus kitesurf kite

    The Core Nexus is a kite with an all-round character and a talent within the wave aspect. If you are looking for an all-round kite with with you can do freestyle and also play between the waves then the Core Nexus a great choice. Like the Core GTS, the Core Nexus has a future C shape design with three struts. But the outline of the kite, profile and tip ends have been adjusted so that the Nexus features have been tweaked for very nice wave sessions. The Core Nexus can easily be adjusted to another kitesurf style. You have the choice of wave, all-round and freestyle. You ride the Core Nexus with four lines and a high V split. Read the extensive description of the Core Nexus kite here.

    Core Impact kitesurf kite

    The Core Impact is a hardCORE C-shape kite for wakestyle and unhooked freestyle kitesurf tricks, part of the Specialized series of Core. The Impact has gigantic pop and slack for the most extreme handle passes. The profile of the Impact is the profile of a classic c shape kite. This makes this kite not suitable for beginners or kite surfers who love a waveride session. The 5 struts and strong canpoy make the Core Impact bomb test proof. The Core Impact is the only Core kite on 5 lines in the Core kitesurfing range. Read the extensive description of the Core Impact kite here.

    Core Section kitesurf kite

    The Core Section is the specialist in the wave garden. 100% designed to give you the best surfing experience. The Section is built as light as possible but is strong enough to absorb a good slammer. The profile of the Section is a 'Future' C shape. This gives the Section a super-fast and accurate steering behavior to put the kite exactly where you want it. Read the extensive description of the Core Section kite here.

    Core Xlite kitesurf kite

    The Core Xlite is the one-strut kite for all dedicated foilers. The Xlite has a lot of drift which is perfect for practicing new maneuvers and progressing as the kite will not fall from the sky if you lose your line tension. The Future C Shape corners quickly. Whether you want to glide silently over the water, watch the sun set from the top of your Foilboard in almost no wind or if you want to tear on the foil in all circumstances, even in strong, gusty and spicy winds, the Xlite the perfect kite for you. Check here all information about the Core Xlite kite.

    Core kiteboarding technology

    Core kiteboarding is driven by innovation. Core was one of the first to switch from single ripstop kite canopy to double and keep on innovating. In addition to the canvas, there are a number of other great technical innovations that allow the Core kites to fly as they fly. This drive to innovation has enabled Core to become a world-class player in a just few years starting from as a small kitesurfing brand in 2007. Below are the most important techniques described which Core uses in their kites.

    Core Coretex Triple Ripstop kite cloth

    Core has the exclusive right of CORETEX® triple ripstop kite canopy. This canvas has, as it were, a profile of three strong yarns so that you can see triple squares everywhere in the canvas. The result is that the fabric is super strong and will not tear quickly. The CoreTex fabric sets the highest standard in terms of strength, tear resistance, durability, UV protection, stretching. It ensures that the kite canopy of your Core kite will feel like new for a long time.

    Core Exotex Ultra Rigid Dacron

    Exotex® is the best dacron on the market. This Dacron stretches in no possible way. This ExoTex dacron improves the air flow around the kite, flight stability feedback and durability. One of the reasons why the Core kites fly so unbelievably good and last a long time.

    Core Speed Valve

    With the Speed Valve of Core you pump up your kite super fast. All in one go without difficulty with a large entrance for a lot of air flow.

    Core Sensor Bar Ready

    Core kiteboarding makes three different 4-line kitesurf bars. The one more equipped with nice features than the other. The three bars are the Core Sensor 2, Core Sensor 2s / 2s + and the Core kiteboarding Sensor 2S Pro. Where the Core Sensor 2S pro is the most extensive bar and the Sensor 2 is the basic variant. Where the biggest difference is in the S-system and the tectanium lines. The tectanium lines that you ride on the Sensor 2S Pro are the strongest kitesurf lines you can find on the market.

    Core Intelligent Trim System (CIT)

    Using the trim system on the Core kites you can adjust the kites in many different ways. For freestyle, surf, wave and all-round. But also more or less bar pressure and more direct or indirect steering behavior. All super simple with changing a button.

    Core kiteboarding kitesurfing shop

    At Kitemana we have a large stock of Core kites available immediately. If you have a question about one of the Core kites, you can always contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp. In addition to Core kites, we also have Core twintip kiteboards, directional surfboards and Core Sensor bars in stock. Click below to quickly navigate to:

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