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Skywatch wind meters are produced by the Swiss brand JDC instruments. A perfect wind gauge to measure the wind on the beach! Check all Skywatch wind meters here.




Meteos 1 Windmeter
Meteos 1 WindmeterSkywatch
Eole 1 Windmeter
Eole 1 WindmeterSkywatch
Atmos Windmeter
Atmos WindmeterSkywatch
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Skywatch Windmeters

Skywatch wind meters are part of parent company JDC instruments, from Switzerland. With mores than 25 years of experience, Skywatch has developed the Xplorer 1. A super small, but functional wind gauge that you can carry in your pocket. This handwind meter is available in 4 different models. The Skywatch Explorer 1,2,3 and 4.

Skywatch Explorere 1,2,3 and 4

The first is the simplest. This entry model offers you a good mesurement of the wind! Ascending the Explorer is getting a bit more accurate and he gets a number of functions! All Skywatch wind meters have a large screen and fit in your pocket! Do you have a question about the Skywatch wind meters? Call or email us!